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  1. Right on the money for what they want to see. Wishing you the best.
  2. Love the knife. Nice and rustic. I would carry that.
  3. As a default of sabers and cutlasses I would try to center the handle. There are certainly examples of curved blades with the handle towards the back. More often then not it is the arabic styles that tend to do that more often.
  4. This is a hunting falchion that I recently made. I was inspired by a few different historical hunt swords and falchions and this is my interpretation of a logical merge. Purpleheart handle, steel hilt and double false edged blade with fileworked spine. Blade is based off a 3/16" blank and is quite rigid. More pictures and details here: http://baltimoreknife.com/huntingfalchion.htm Your comments and feedback is always welcome and needed!
  5. Couldnt get the concrete 'till friday so John and my cousin Andy got all the rebar in place and we are now planning on pouring Sat I think. The funney thing is that we will most likely not even have time to play on the new toys until the event as the bases will need just about that long to fully set. :/ What a tease!
  6. Pouring concrete hammer bases today for the Ironkiss and the new 2b. Looks like we will have a roof and all the hammers set for the event. Can't wait to be able to use 5 different hammers in the same shop.
  7. So used to seeing pattern welded blades. So nice to see something with a ton of figure. Well done.
  8. Nifty pattern. Nice twist in it. Thanks for sharing! Keep it up!
  9. Nice blade there. Reminds me of the persian I just did. Should be a nice project. Your design is subtle with great flow.
  10. Butch is the guy who made the micarta. He will be there with some I assume. Yes, Von Baron will be there.
  11. Quick update: This may be a bonus for some of you that are into wood. Kerry and I just acquired 3 large nice wood turning lathes and plan on having one set up for the event. Larry has contacted some talented wood turners that will be doing several demos. He will have more info on that shortly. For those of you that want to learn there will be opportunity for a few to get some hands on time with the lathe. We have confirmed with a SAFD certified teacher who is also a custom hilt maker, Lewis Shaw who will be doing some sort of fight demo among other things. That should be neat. Check out his work here http://www.lewisshaw.com/ . In my opinion he is one of the best complex hilt makers and will add a ton of character at the event. Tony Swatton(Pirate of the year/Viking of the decade) will once again be wowing us with making the tools for his demo then using them throughout the weekend. For those of you who haven't seen his recent work you might want to check his facebook. Superbowl?!?! That's all for now. Matt P.S. Kerry and I spent the morning yesterday digging out a Nazel 2b anvil with dies. Yes, I said digging out.
  12. Aye, it's actually the National Aquarium and it's great! There is old Ellicott City about 10 mins from the shop. There are antique shops and places to eat all up and down. She can make a nice day of that if she wishes. Fredrick is a similar are that is about 45 mins from the shop. Plenty of malls if that is her sort of thing. All that said, she is more then welcome to stick around the event.
  13. Nice, gotta love forged axes! Any shape really!
  14. I love it. Looks great. The grind looks wicked clean and sharp. Nice overall sword. I'd dare say that I wish it was pattern welded. Either way you gotta go with a dark blade color not a polish.
  15. Derek, I am glad that you found this forum through my site. I think very highly of this site and all of its contributers. There is no end to what you can learn here and it is a great spot for any level of craftsmen. You will find a lot more wood handles from us this year and the years to come as we are figuring out a way to produce wood handles. As far as "in shop" apprentices, we are pretty full at the moment. We used to be in huge shop buildings were we could take on more people working but at this point we are in a few small buildings and we are already shoulder to shoulder having to produce a ton of swords a week. We do offer times to come and work with us like at our Hammer-In event that you can find on the events section of this website. Thanks Alan, I value your opinion. Thanks for the comment. You said it. Doesnt even compair to some of the work coming out of this community but I will take the compliment Just came together man. I like it even then it's predecessor big brother that we produce. I tried it with a wheel pommel but the faceted egg worked better. The straight facet even worked better then the spiral. = Thanks all! I really enjoyed making this one and actually having it around for a few weeks to continue to upgrade. If it stays around for awhile longer it will surely find its way on the engraving machine for something! I am already working on the next short falchion piece. It is almost done. I was asked if I could do a knucklebow version of a falchion so I made a hilt yesterday but it turned out a bit large for the blade so I polished out a larger more fantasy messer style blade for that hilt and will remake a scaled down version of the knucklebow hilt today and hopefully have time to make a wood handle for it and get it finished.
  16. Lovely is right! Top notch work and info.
  17. I think it's Bill's year to make a damascus knife and get him on a hammer! Can't tell you how much you are liked Bill.
  18. Here is our latest falchion in a long line this year. This model is a fully upgraded production piece. The overall shape and design goes with our production model, however I added a few details. Custom Archer's Falchion with 22" blade is 29 1/4" Overall. Blade is satin polished with a polished fuller. Features a custom ground clamshell hilt. 8 sided hand faceted egg pommel. Hickory handle with bronze ring "Vel Arte Vel Marte" (By Art or By Force) POB is 2 1/4" from hilt. The only thing cast on this piece is the bronze ring and that was done in house. More info and a lot more pictures here : http://baltimoreknife.com/archersfalchion.htm Comments always welcome!
  19. That is certainly a great repro job. One thing that looks a bit off to me is how the handle is offset to the spine of the blade so much. Here you can see what I mean. Nothing wrong with that but it looks a bit awkward to me.
  20. Nice chainsaw pattern. Having worked with my brother on his chainsaw sword blade I know how hard it is to keep it clean.
  21. Got to love shear steel. Love the look. Then again I love wrought. So earthy at times!
  22. I am loving the detail work. The carving realy sets this apart. Love it! MORE!
  23. Sorry just saw this reply. This is sanded through the grits on a hard contact wheel on one of our Bader space savers. 50g - 80g - 120g - 220g - 320g - then to the trizac belts all the way to A6(= to a 2500 grit I think). Then buff. The polish like that doesn't take long at all. Few wipes at each grit and it get quicker as you get into the higher grits. I think on this one I changed the angle of the grind each time i changed grits to be sure that I sanded through the previous grit each time.
  24. Hmmmm. out scooping mr Longmire....Now there is a thought. Id better get to work fast then huh Yea this is an early piece by them and I am glad that it fell into my hands if only for a short while.
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