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  1. Great display of your craftsmanship.
  2. I am not into swords but your talent is top shelf. Amazing............................
  3. Eddie, Great looking knife and fantastic work on the sheath. Nice!!!!!!!!!
  4. Robert, Fantastic and beautiful!!!!!!!!
  5. Ray, You may have lost your desire but you sure haven't lost your touch. Great looking knives, and good luck with the healing.
  6. Very nice! Love the pattern in the blades and those butt caps are fantastic.
  7. Craig, If you have a box left I will take it. Let me know and thanks.
  8. The knife is 12 1/4" long with a 6 5/8" blade forged from cable. The handle is walrus tusk that was used as a fire starter. The bolster is musk ox and the spacers are buffalo horn. The guard is wrought iron from an old anchor chain. The beautiful sheath was made for me by KT/Terry, who I would like to thank but words just aren't strong enough to show my appreciation. The sheath is a cream color elk hide wrapped over cow hide. The sheath also has original beads from KT's Native American tribe. This one is going straight into my collection.
  9. Looks like a great hunting knife and the sheath looks like it will last forever. Nice on both.
  10. Kevin, They look like tanks and are just waiting to be put to task.
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