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  1. J.A.L., Thank you for the comment. Eddie, The table was made by the leather guru, KT. Thanks for your comment as well.
  2. Thanks for all of the nice comments, very much appreciated. :)
  3. Rob, I am going to be honest with you. I like everything about it except for the color of the handle. It looks like a mean knife that is ready to go to work and I just can't associate the white with that. Just my most humble opinion.
  4. C Craft, I appreciate the the response. Thank you.
  5. From blade tip to guard it is 6 1/4" with an overall length of 11 3/4", a little different style than I normally make. This knife was made for KT and he supplied the Chad Nichols Damascus and the Walrus from Mark Knapp. The guard is from a wrought iron anchor chain. Hope you enjoy the view.
  6. Richard, Great looking knife and beautiful use of the marlin bill. Now, I have ground swordfish bill before and it stunk worse than anything I have ever ground. Was the marlin the same for you????
  7. Very cool presentation. Good luck to you.
  8. You Guy's are great. Thank you ...................... :)
  9. Rob, Great looking cleaver. Look out pinky bones.............................
  10. Thank you all for the comments. :) Austin, Nothing intentional just a 4 hr etch.
  11. I would like to thank DeMo/Dennis for the elk tine he sent me. He told me that it would work well with my style and I have to agree it is perfect. The blade was forged from a 1" round bar of W1 that was 7" long. The guard is from a wrought iron anchor chain. The blade length from tip to guard is 8" and the total length is 13 1/2". The sheath is beaver tail inlaid made for me by my good friend KT.
  12. Very nice. It is good to do something different now and then.
  13. Miles, I wouldn't change a thing on this one. Nice!!!!!!
  14. Great looking sheath and I like your choice of gator hide. Knife handle and sheath really look good together.
  15. George, First, Happy, day late, Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your work is outstanding, congratulations on 2 beautiful knives and sheathes.
  16. All very well done. The yew is perfect. Nice work.
  17. Lauri, Excellent looking puukko's. Nice!!!!!
  18. Nice work both knife and sheath.
  19. When you stop having fun it is time to do something different. Great step forward, Kevin. I am with all of the above, love the pattern.
  20. Nice design, looking forward to the next one. Sure looks to be just waiting for some game to field dress.
  21. Great pics.....................................
  22. Both knife and sheath are fantastic.
  23. Tomas, Great looking knife!!!!
  24. Thank you all for taking time to view and comment, very much appreciated. :)
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