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  1. Tomas, I really like the color tone of the hawk and fittings. Nice work!!!!
  2. Just finished this one in time for the Gator Cutlery Show this weekend. The overall length is 13" and it has a forged cable blade that is 7 1/4". The walrus handle also has musk ox, buffalo horn and the guard is black carbonite with gold bronze mokume. As always any and all comments are welcome.
  3. Kevin, Really like what you have done with this blade and like that curly oak too.
  4. Kip, Knife and sheath are both nice. Nice work.
  5. Thank you all for the comments and I wish you all a very Happy New Year. Miles, Different is different does. C Craft, There are plenty of them down here, too. But I let the pros take care of the rendering. Terry, Thank you for the encouragement on the sheath, it will be complete in a couple of hours. Rob, That is a BIG one. I would probably not cut the jaw down and use it as a club or forge a tomahawk head and attach it to the jaw. The leg bones would make some nice handles too.
  6. 6 1/2" blade forged from cable and the handle is gator jaw bone with buffalo horn, camel bone and brass pins. As always comments are welcome,good bad or other.
  7. Thank you all for the comments, I am feeling better already. C Craft, Started with the press and finished by hand hammering. Handle is 4 5/8" New pic shows balance point. Kip, Start with press and finish with hand hammering. Jess, Born in Casper and lived in and around Thermopolis. Where are you??? Again thank you all for the nice comments.
  8. Very nice work. Whatever you decide to do with it be sure to post pics.
  9. This one is 1 1/4" cable that is 14 5/8" long. I said it before and I will say it again "this is the last time I will forge 1 1/4" cable". Just too damn hard on an old fart.
  10. Miles, Those things look dangerous and intimidating in a very good way. Nice work.
  11. Dan, Very nice and clean looking knife. Uncle Will will be very proud of it, I am sure
  12. Fingers crossed and waiting to see it finished.
  13. Rob, Sorry to hear about the injury but it is sure good to see you back at the forge. Looking forward to the progression of the 3 amigo's. Wade
  14. Very nice first. Excellent work.
  15. The whole piece is amazing eye candy.......................................Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Nice knife and sheath. Love the pw. Wade
  17. JD, Your work is always impressive and beautiful.................................. Wade
  18. Richard, Always my pleasure to view your creations. Excellent!!!! Wade
  19. JD and Kevin, Thank you. :) Wade
  20. Both are rr spikes, one with alligator grip the other is iguana. The brown sheath by me and the other is a KT special.
  21. Thank You All, Comments are very much appreciated. Wade
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