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  1. Another one going to KT. The head is 9 1/2" with a 31/4' cutting edge forged from a leaf spring. The 18" handle is hickory with raw hide, brass tacks, natural gut sinew and hemp cord. The top cap is wrought and the loop at the end is bronze. Feel free to comment good, bad or other. Thanks for looking. Wade
  2. Great looking hunter with a nice touch of Richard. Wade
  3. Krateros and Richard, Thank you for the comments. Richard, it is fossilized. Wade
  4. Hey Rob, Thanks for the comment. Wade
  5. Thank you All for the nice comments. Terry, It might take a little longer than a week as I have trouble finding buffalo horn spacer material. Wade
  6. Here is another one for my great friend KT. The 1080 blade is 6" long and the walrus tusk grip is 5 3/4" counting the musk ox and buffalo horn spacers. This was a real fun build, one I couldn't wait to see how the end product was going to look. This sheath was not made for this dagger but it makes a great prop. Sheath made by none other than KT himself. Thanks for taking the time to view and as always any and all comments are welcome.
  7. Nice stout edc. Sheath compliments the knife very well. Wade
  8. Kevin, Very nice work on both knife and sheath. Wade
  9. Nice one, Miles!!! This will give KT something to scratch those hard to reach itchy spots. Wade
  10. Hey Richard, Nice comfy looking handle. Wade
  11. Nice!!! Looks like it is ready and able to chop, chop and chop. Wade
  12. Very nice love the pattern in the blade, goes well with the beef wood. Wade
  13. Phil, Your handle and sheath work are top notch. Great knife and sheath. Wade
  14. Jim, Great pics and I love being able to see the background, it really makes me homesick. Wade
  15. KT, Thanks for posting the two together. After looking at the side by side pics I see that there are a couple of things that Troy did and I left out, this gives me the inspiration to do another and another. Just by making little changes you can alter this cleaver for several different looks. Troy thanks again and I really love it when someone like you puts up a great piece like this and we are able to use it as our model. Wade
  16. Richard, Thanks for the comment and it is amazing what a little heat from a torch can do to enhance the look. Robert, Thanks for the smile and the comment. Wade
  17. Nice clean looking work and the handle looks like it is very comfy. Wade
  18. George, Karter and Dennis, Thank you, very much appreciated. :)
  19. Kevin, Thank you for the great compliment.
  20. Different is different does. I like it. Wade
  21. Thank You All, Reading your comments just made my day. :)
  22. After seeing a picture of a cleaver made by Troy Christianson, I knew that I wanted to do one. The overall length is 10" with a 6" leaf spring blade. The handle is Merino Sheep horn. This was a real fun project. Thanks Troy and KT for the inspiration.
  23. KT, Thanks for posting the pics. The 7" blade is 13 layers of heavily etched 1080 and 15N20. The handle has 2 materials I have never worked with before, Mammoth Tooth with Musk Ox boss and the frame is buffalo horn. I really enjoyed doing the handle and learning new things along the way. I hope you are enjoying your new addition, KT. Wade
  24. Hey Richard, Nice looking knife. I like the color in that handle. Wade
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