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  1. That knife just screams use me!!!!! Nice!!! Wade
  2. Thank you for all of the nice comments. Proud cowboy
  3. Rob, Great looking chopper!!! I am with the rest of the crowd on the handle. Great to see you posting. Wade
  4. Kevin, Great looking group and I am sure they will be getting used and hold up to whatever task is asked of them. Nice!!! Wade
  5. Thank you for the comments they are very much appreciated. :) If you were able to see this rig in person you would be amazed at the craftsmanship and amount of work that went into it. Pictures are nice but there is no comparison to seeing it up close and personal.
  6. I have been waiting for my gun to arrive before I made this post and here it is. The gun rig was made by my GREAT friend Terry (KT). The rig has ostrich inlay and my pics just don't do it justice. Kt also provided me with the materials to make the knife which is some beautiful damascus with walrus ivory for the handle. The gun is an Uberti Frisco 45. I hope you enjoy the view.
  7. Kip, IMHO different is good and this one is different. Very nice work. Wade
  8. Dan, Knife and sheath are both pieces to be very proud of. Great work!!! Wade
  9. Blade is 5.5" of leaf spring with a copper ferric etch and the handle is sheep horn. Comments are always welcome. Thanks for taking the time to view.
  10. Robert, Great looking knife and love the colors. Wade
  11. Kevin, Excellent piece!!! Something to be very proud of. Wade
  12. I am not into swords but when I see something like this I can surely appreciate all that you have put in to it. I love the contrast in colors between the blade and handle. Really beautiful piece with excellent craftsmanship. Wade
  13. Josh, As stated I am no expert on doing this. The electrical current I give it is by hooking my etcher up to the blade when I pull it out of the etchant, whether this does anything or not is up in the air. During the 3 hr etch I wash the blade off about every 30 minutes and at the end of the 3 hrs it seems to have a pretty good hold on the blade. It actually takes sand paper to remove the copper. Good luck. Kevin, This style has been very popular over the last 2 months.
  14. Eddie and Josh, thank you. Eddie, This is as close as the light would allow and now it is gone. Josh, Very simple, just drop some scrap copper into your ferric etchant ( 3 parts water to one part ferric) and this is what happened. Like stated above it was a 3 hour soak in the etchant. Wade
  15. Great looking knife that just wants to be used. Nice work................ Wade
  16. Thank you all for the nice comments. I have purposely done this before and have a batch of ferric that I made for doing this affect but this time was an accident. Also after removing the blade from the etchant I did give it a low volt charge. I am by no means an expert on this but it works for me. BCROB, Yes, that is exactly what happened here plus the low volt charge and the etch was for three hours. C Craft, It is a solid piece of antler and the stick tang is 4" long. Wade.
  17. I have been making a lot of this style knife for the last couple of months. First ordered by a cowboy, hence the name. This one is 10" long with a moose antler handle. The blade is from a saw mill in NE Oregon and the blade dates back to the 1890's. I etched it in ferric and to my surprise the ferric was contaminated with copper. I really liked the look of the copper on the blade so this is the way it is going to stay.
  18. Good looking work knife with an attitude................................ Wade
  19. The name of this sub forum is "Sheaths and Leatherwork" and I for one can appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship of this fine leather work. KT, Keep 'em coming.
  20. Caleb, Collin and Miles, Thank you. :)
  21. KT, Thank you. Eddie, Old age . Now you see it. Thanks for the comment. Wade
  22. I just finished these 2. The larger one we dubbed "Kid Terico's Toothpick" and the other I call "The Clatsop". The Clatsop are an Indian tribe from Oregon near and around the mouth of the Columbia River. The sheath is another beautiful KT creation. Enjoy the pics and comments are always welcome.
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