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  1. I have had one on my finger since Aug of 07 still doesn't have a scratch and I forge everyday.I wore my gold ring when I forged and it bent out of shape. Along with being durable they are also much less expensive than gold and there are several designs to choose from. I have never dropped mine so I can't say how brittle they are, that was the only warning the jewler gave me.
  2. Mark did you pound that by hand? That is one big billet, I understand the sweat. Wade
  3. Thanks for all the advice. I now have options to try and find out what works best for me. Wade
  4. I have been using nickel silver as my bolster and buttcap by attaching everything to the tang with epoxy. Then I grind the profile and finish by hand sanding. The last couple of knives I made I have used cable damascus for these fittings. After everything is attached I grind and sand and now I have to re-etch to get my pattern back. This is a real pain in the arse. I have read that the fitting should be done before the epoxy is applied. How can you fit everything together and profile it if it is not secured with epoxy? What are your suggestions? Thanks Wade.
  5. Just another beautiful hunter. The handle may not be for everyone, I love it, it has great character. Wade
  6. I came across some garage door opener chain and was wondering if it would work to make a damascus blade. If so I will sandwich it between two pieces of 1084 and seee how it comes out. Any other suggestions?
  7. Thanks for the information I will be etching tomorrow. I'll let you know the results.
  8. Jim, that is a great looking knife your etch is beautiful. If you give out your secretes, how and what do you use for the etch? I am currently working on 4 cable knives and it would be great if my etch turned out anywhere near as good as yours. Thanks Wade.
  9. I was told when the flux is dancing like drops of water in a hot oiled skillet you have reach a correct welding temp. I have had good luck using this theory. Hope that it works out for you. Wade
  10. I have read the post/tutorial by Ariel and wish I had a press for making the billet but I don't. When you use the 1095 sandwich do you use powder metal also? Or do you just flux very heavily? And when you sandwich it do you wire it all together or is ther some other way to secure it? Questions, questions and more questions. Thanks Wade
  11. Assuming that I have chain free of all debris, can I forge weld this by hand? And what are the steps in order to get a good weld? I like the patterns that I have seen and would really like to try this. Unfortunately I don't have a press or power hammer.
  12. When in the middle of August it is 95 degrees and raining and you are soaking wet and haven't set foot outside you just keep forging.
  13. I have never heard that purpleheat causes a rash but I guess that there is someone out there that has an allergy to it. Put purpleheart with ebony and you will get a beautiful looking handle that even if you have an allergy you wouldn't care because it looks so nice.
  14. Yesterday was in the 80's but last night it dropped into the 60's everyone is freezing except for us misplaced northerners. I went out and had no problem forging this morning. I can't move any further south without leaving the states.
  15. I agree with all the above, with extra emphasis on the safety portion. And remember there are no stupid questions just stupid answers.
  16. The cracks are running with the welds. I guess i just get parinoid because of all the work that goes into the making of a billet. I worked on it again today and have 2 billets with 36 layers and everything is going good. Tomorrow I wil weld them together and stack them one more time after that for a total of 144 layers and then forge into a blade. Thanks to both of you for your input. It is alot easier for me when I get advice and I am not just guessing what to do.
  17. I started a billet today with 9 layers of 1084 and 15n20. I got through my first weld and as I was cleaning up the billet I noticed hairline cracks in the edge. I heated it back up fluxed real good and gave it another weld and am letting it set until tomorrow. Hopefully the cracks are gone. I must not be holding my tounge right when I am striking it, because this isn't the first time this has happen to me. I was told that I need a power hammer in order to weld 1/8 inch stuff, is this true or am I just doing something wrong?
  18. Great lines, beautiful knife. Thanks for sharing.
  19. Robert, thanks for the tips. I guess that I will be expiermenting until I find the color that best fits the antler. Hope you and your family have a great Christmas and the best new year. Wade
  20. I have some elk antler I am going to be using for handles and I would like to know what is the best way to clean and then polish? Also what is the best way to put some natural looking color back in them once I have sanded some of the roughness off? I don't plan on sanding them smooth because I like the natural look.
  21. Is ther anyone out there or dose anybody know of anyone who forges knives that lives in South Florida? I live in Weston, just outside of Ft. Lauderdale. I would like to forge knives with someone that knows what they are doing and be able to learn a thing or two. I have asked at gun/knife shows but nobody has been able to steer me in the right direction. I have met a couple of stock removal people that have helped me but obviously they aren't able to help with the forging.
  22. I came across this list awhile back, maybe it will help: Railroad spikes 1030 wire cable plow steel 1065 wire cable improved plow steel 1075 wire cable extra improved plow steel 1095 leaf springs 5160 files W1,W2 or 1095 saw blades L6 HC ball bearings 52100 high speed drill rod M2 drill rod W1 lawnmower blades 5150 or 5160 gun barrels 4140
  23. Hello everyone, this is my first post and I just wanted to say hello and let everyone know that I have been reading your post and learning alot. I have been forging knives for a little over a year now and love every minute of it. I look forward to posting questions and getting educated answers. Thats all for now. Wade
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