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  1. That knife be riding is style........................................... Great looking sheath. :)
  2. May all of the healing powers of the Universe be with you and your wife. Praying for fast and full recovery and for you to provide her the strength needed to get through this.
  3. Randal, Love the materials and what you have done with them. I really like how you did the guard, different. Great piece. Wade
  4. Miles, Both great looking!!! Love the thumb nail.
  5. Really nice, a user with character. Wade
  6. Lot of good looking work there, Jim. Wade
  7. Hey Jim, Nice looking knife and crazy good picture. Wade
  8. Kip, 2 nice looking knives that are ready for work. Nice!!! Wade
  9. Miles, You have been busy. Looking forward to seeing them completed, should be a nice looking group. Wade
  10. Scott, That is some amazing work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wade
  11. Kampman and Josh, Thank you both for the comments. :) George and Kip, You both are making me blush. Thanks for the comments they certainly are a part of what makes this a great forum. Wade
  12. Nice!!! I really like your style. Wade
  13. I am proud of all of the knives that I make but this one I am particularly proud of. I have learned and gained more confidence in my knife making since working with KT, he has pushed and prodded me to do things I would have never tried and to be able to look back and compare to where I am today makes me very proud. KT is a master of trying to be different and I do believe just a bit of that has rubbed off on me. A great big thank you to KT and to all of you who take the time to view and comment on our work. :) Wade
  14. Kevin, Thank you for the nice comment and for bringing to my attention that I forgot to describe the whole handle. I have edited the original post, the band is iguana skin.
  15. Here is a knife I made for KT and after he received it he decided to have it scrimshawed so he sent it off to Linda Karst Stone. After receiving it back from Linda he had his favorite photographer, Hannah Morin, snap some fantastic pictures of the knife. The blade was forged from a 1978 Dodge one ton leaf spring and the handle is giraffe bone with iguana skin attached with natural gut sinew.
  16. Thanks for all of the great comments. C Craft, KT answered part of the question. The handle is 2 slabs that I scribe the tang on and then use a dremel tool to cut the slot and then epoxy and pin the 2 sides together. After it is all attached it is shaped. I understand what I just wrote, hope you do too. Maybe this pic will help
  17. Happy Independence Day to you all. May you have a safe and wonderful day. I just completed this 11 5/8" knife about an hour ago and it has been dubbed Independence. The handle is red, white and blue resin impregnated into a pine cone. The 6 3/4" blade is 1080 and the sheath was made for me by my good friend KT who also donated the dangle. Any and all comments are welcome. Thank you for taking your time to view.
  18. Darren, Really nice shape , flows nicely. Like that pattern, how many layers? Wade
  19. Thank you all for the comments. Very much appreciated. Doug, Good question. As we all know copper is a softer metal and if treated with respect it will last forever. If used, not abused, the marks will add nothing but character and flow right into my style. If I were making a knife that I know is going to be a hard worker I would use something more durable. Many of my knives are used as display although they can surely be used.
  20. Tim. Great looking friction folder. Nice work. Wade
  21. Wes, Good looking knife that just looks like it wants to go to work. Nice job on the sheath as well. Wade
  22. Kip, Congratulations and good luck going forward. Wade
  23. Kip, Really like the look you have going here. Nice deep etch............... Wade
  24. Peto and Kip, Thank you for the comments. :) Miles, Good luck and I look forward to seeing how it works for you.
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