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  1. That kitchen knife looks really great! Brussel sprouts wrapped in bacon and a light drizzle of balsamic vinegar and olive oil, then baked!
  2. Sweet looking dagger, well done!
  3. I need to check that out for sure then, I'm barely getting going, but no guts no glory!
  4. You planning on another, and if so, how much? Looks like a fun axe for light splitting and chopping
  5. Dang, how quick was that? It looks great regardless of the time invested!
  6. Very cool looking, does it fit the hand well?
  7. Cool looking dagger, bodice dagger?
  8. This is a piece of art work.
  9. Holy smokes this is a very nice katana
  10. Looks like some persian influence as well, looks great!
  11. Dang that is a sweet looking dagger!
  12. I'm working up the courage to start hammering on 1095 bar stock, and then I see this... It's going to inspire me or drive me to madness lol. Really amazing job, probably should be pinned and somehow classified as a WIP.
  13. More photos, I am really hoping to take this class as well
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