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  1. More photos, I am really hoping to take this class as well
  2. Damn those look nice!
  3. Those look really useful and handy, but I would be afraid of marring up those patterns!
  4. Those are awesome looking, keep the photos coming
  5. No worries! By chance are you selling any of the other stuff?
  6. By chance are you selling any of this stuff? I am interestedi in that wide wakizashi blade
  7. I am interested in that maple colored big knife!
  8. Lost my mum last year, to pancreatic cancer, I feel you. Awesome way of honoring your dad
  9. Hi Bob, I may also be interested in a blade blank or two, shaped, hardened, rough cleanup done. Could you PM me pricing, details, etc? Thanks!
  10. Hi Geoff, I'm interested in one of the two blades on the right. I'm leaning toward a "kitk knife," but am also considering having you do a scotchbrite finish, guard/handle and a basic sheath (which I can dye and seal). How much would either option cost?
  11. Actually it does, sounds pretty easy, I will give this a go tomorrow. Gotta find the gloves now
  12. Hi all, I am in the process of finishing up my forge, and need to cut a hole in the 1" inswool liner for the burner flame to propagate through. Would metal shears work, or is there something better to use?
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