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  1. Well, I have started eyeballing leather sewing machines. So, I have decided to put these back up for sale. Still no shipping.
  2. I still have them, but I am holding onto them. Never had anyone make the drive and I no longer need to sell the grinders.
  3. Thanks. I've already got Uncle Al working on it.
  4. Having the sword vertical for heat treating worked great. By the way, anyone catch Forged in Fire this week? Guess I can finally get a press...
  5. I just posted up a video of the forging of this blade on my YouTube channel.
  6. I got to see his table in KC yesterday. A lot of cool stuff.
  7. He did do a little better than my cell phone pic. Pro photos are cool. They submit them to magazines as well so that can be fun.
  8. At the Branson Hammer-In last weekend I had Chuck Ward take a photo:
  9. Thanks Sam! I appreciate the tips you gave me on the forge construction.
  10. I have a large tube that is as tall as the forge. But, this one barely fit in my big ammo can quench tank so I used that.
  11. It is good to keep one every once in a while.
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