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    Metallurgy,heat treatment and artistic expression.
  1. Hi Owen, there would have been two types of oil. Oil rendered from the blubber (commonly baleen whales) and another obtained from the noggin of the sperm whale. The sperm whale skull has a giant organ full of waxy oil. If your oil has a waxy feel it may have come from a toothed whale like Moby. Please let us know how it performs.
  2. Hello JD, I don't have a link but I believe this may be an essay published in the book "100 Masterpieces from the Collection Of Dr.Walter A Compton". Also in the book "The Book of the Sword" ed. by Caldwell. This is a collection of essays on Japanese swords. Both are available although the 2nd is no longer published. Alan
  3. I purchased an 8lb sample from this fellow on Masamun e-bay.Iron sand from Oregon coast;looks to be about 80% magnetite with the usual minerals along with.Kind of expensive but not as bad as some quotes you received.Just e-mail him and he will accommodate. http://cgi.ebay.com/MAGNETITE-BLACK-SAND-off-OREGON-BEACH-ORMUS-MAGNETIC-NR_W0QQitemZ380195342919QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_0?hash=item5885688a47
  4. Hello Durukan, I agree with the last poster,these are definitely antique files and could be shear or blister steel.They may even have grain pattern.If I were to make something of these I would carefully consider there value and would choose something more worthy of the steel than a machete.Just my opinion tho! Alan
  5. Good day John, http://www.feine-klingen.de/PDFs/verhoeven.pdf Very good pdf,200+ pages. Alan
  6. Greetings,this anvil found in a wood line over grown with algae and rusted.My friend carried it 100+ yards after he found it and gave it to me. Alan
  7. Greetings,my forge designed for heat treat. Alan
  8. Hey Sam,that has some really nice lines.I like your "short" handle,it accentuates the blade shape and gives it a very clean look.I bet she's a real cutter! Alan
  9. Greetings JM,very interesting work.Construction and operation of a tatara is the basic unit where it all starts whether it is for very high carbon steel for small tools and sword jacket material or for spring steel and low quality "mild steel" for other implements.Actually operating one would be expensive in terms of materials needed to produce any substantial quantities but a smaller demonstration unit could be modeled easily.The books suggested earlier are full of relevant material.Good luck Alan M
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