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  1. Zeb, I can't wait to see the finished piece. It is awesome. Fred
  2. Look up Roy Miller New Forge ! on knifedogs. That might be the one you are looking for. Fred
  3. Robert, Anything else that you can tell us? I am very curious and would like to know more. Thanks for the help. Fred
  4. An awesome blade! Loved the twist-o-matic. Fred
  5. Here-http://www.pineterest.com/pin/310959543839626/ File work patterns by Curtis M Wilson For some reason I have copied the address by hand the way I see it, but it does not take me there. I found it by using Google- file work images by Curtis Wilson. Just scroll down till you see it. Fred
  6. Jerrod and MB, I sent an email to Paragon to their tech guru, who was kind enough to answer and give me permission to post her answer- Fred, The elements like an oxide atmosphere,, If you will fire the kiln for some time without gas to keep the oxidation on the elements they will be fine. We do not have excessive calls from heat treaters to replace elements. Laura Miller, ext 237 Paragon Industries, L.P.-"Better Designed Kilns" Since I can't paste here, I had to write it out. Regards, Fred
  7. http://www.paragonweb.com/1332_Gas_Inlet_Flow_Meter.cfm I can't copy and paste from Paragons web site to here. On 1332 Gas Inlet Flow Meter page it states the following- Please note that the gas may reduce heating element life. Fred
  8. Brian, While I can't speak from personal experience, I remember reading a long time ago that it will affect the life of the heating elements. Hopefully someone else will chime in. Fred
  9. You can convert the tip he has to a taper. Put it in a drill chuck and put a file against the end until you have the taper you want. Then follow that up with different grit sandpapers to make it smooth. Fred
  10. Looks very nice! Liked your use of the angle grinder. Need a sanding pad for mine now. Fred
  11. Does the ends of two fingers in my left hand count? The middle and next one close to little finger. I was trying to get the yard done in a hurry and I was very tired. I lost my balance while checking the floating deck and back of hand somehow hit ground and fingers forced up under blade guard. The mower won that day. Yard didn't get done for a few days after visit to emergency room. I can flip a regular and a short bird, depending on situation. As to knives, I have a first aid kit in my shop that I have to restock often. Fred
  12. Alan, just followed your advice! Fred
  13. Years ago I bought from Ann at Sheffield knife supply a 6" by 2" ConeLok wheel. I tried to use it on the only motor I had. A 3600 RPM buffer! Needless to say it did not work well for me, and frustrated, I threw it in a drawer. I was thinking of making a belt adapter for my surface grinder and I was going to call Sunray about a wheel, when I remembered the CL wheel. I took the measurements and decided that I could make it work. I took the measurements, and between the time I that I took them and turned around with some brass stock I had on hand to use for this project, I made a mistake( for future projects write down calculations and make a rough drawing of project!) Because after dressing the ends and boring and threading the female side the I turned down the male to size, I found out it was too short. I did not want to make it again, so I tried to come up with a repair, but finally decided that all I would do is to introduce error and run out, which you don't want in a surface grinder. So armed with a drawing that included dimensions, I chose some steel stock this time and cut off a piece a little longer than I needed. Once bitten, twice shy. As I am turning it- 1) and made this- 2) I bored the female side for a left hand 1.250 by 18 UNEF thread, and the male side I made it a left hand .500 by 28 UNEF thread, I made the nut to match that thread. Here it is on the SG.-3) And here is the ConeLok mounted on the SG- 4) I ground in the ConeLok wheel and used it to dress the magnetic table. The adapter has cost me about 3/4 to an inch of the table, since the wheel is not at the same point that a stone would be. Sorry about the lousy cell phone photos. Thanks for looking, Fred
  14. After seeing all those nice tools that you guys have made, I was ready to order a part, when I remembered having something similar in the bottom of a drawer. I pulled it out and , cheapskate that I am, wondered if I could somehow use it without altering it in any way. Who knows, it might have some collectors value. LOL So I got some dimensions and decided to make this to fit this and another shot and this - Photos and more info to follow. Thanks, Fred
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