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  1. Would someone explain how to post pictures on this web site? Thanks in advance,Keith
  2. Thanks Bob. Thanks Will,i just wanted to try something new.I spend a lot of time at this computer trying to learn all i can on knives and knifemaking,just something else i wanted to learn. Thanks again,Keith
  3. I am looking for software (something really cheap) to practice drawing knife designs of my own.Would anyone know of a good one.Maybe one day i can get a good program,but for now the money is very short. Thanks,Keith
  4. Could someone tell me how to heatreat 74NiCr2 and SKS5.Both are saw steel.Icut out a few blanks with a torch,i know that is not the best way to do this, but, at the time it is all i had.I hope the heat did not ruin the steel,any help would be appricated Thanks,Keith
  5. Thanks for the help guys. Keith
  6. I have a large blade that come off of a bush hog.Is there any way to tell what type of steel it is,or would anyone have an idea.It is pretty tough to grind,just wondering if it might be good for forging. Thanks,Keith
  7. I would like a opinion on using purpleheart for knife handles.Thanks for any advice. Keith
  8. My forge is a 10''x 12'' peice of pipe i am using 1 Ellis Venturi burner.I would like to know where and at what angle to place the burner.Also how far should the burner be inserted into the forge body
  9. Keith


    Thanks guys,all answers have given me a better understanding on the subject.Ihave another forge building question ,but i'll have another topic. Thanks again Keith
  10. Keith


    This is for beginners and i have never done any forging,so if this is a stupid question please forgive me.When forging is it necessary to use flux for all applications,or is it just used when forging damascus,and either way what do you use,and at what stage in the process do you use it? Thanks for any help,Keith
  11. Thanks again Doug,sorry to ever hear anything like that,but,when it happens to a child,to me thats really sad.before i do any inside work with a forge i'll have a carbon monoxide detector. Keith
  12. Thanks Tell and Doug very helpful info.Hey Doug i have never given it much thought about the ventilation,i will from now on. Thanks again, Keith
  13. I am ready to assembel my forge,it is a 10''x 12'' piece of pipe,i am lining it with 2'' of Inswool.This is my first forge,need to know will one Ellis 3/4''venturi burner be enough or do i need two,also what would be a good opening in the front,and do i need a opening in the back? Thanks for any help. Keith
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