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    cooking, reading (Chesterton, Sayers, Parker, Wodehouse, et al), sewing, playing the harp, Celtic art and Art Nouveau, and improving my wonderful marriage to a bladesmith.
  1. Kiah, working together is the best adventure imaginable. The payoff may be low at first, but no amount of money will be able to buy back these precious days after spending them apart. Your bladesmith is a lucky man to have you by his side- knowing you love him and will stand by him will help him keep going through the difficult seasons. When you bring him cold water while he's forging on a hot day, or join him in the shop for hot tea on a cold night, he will know how much you love him and he will treasure you. I wish you and your love all the best as you begin this journey.
  2. Oh, it's so nice to know I'm not alone in all this. I know what you mean about a thankless job- I think self-employed artisans can be really looked down upon in this society. But the rewards are there- I know my husband's work will last and inspire people long after many beaurocrats and white-collar corporate executives have been forgotten..
  3. Ben Potter's Forge Fairy.

  4. As the title implies, this is a thread for the wives and significant-others of bladesmiths. Chances are there isn't another one in the neighborhood! Our knives are always sharp, and we hear ooh's and ahh's when asked "what does your husband do?". Being married to a smith can be rewarding, but it can also be lonely sometimes. It's hard to critique his artistic vision, and to relate to women whose husbands go away to work at a "job". And what do you say when a commissioned piece cracks during heat-treat for the third time, or when blades just aren't selling? Ladies, please share your
  5. Corrie McKinley Potter, Bladesmiths wife par exelance.

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