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  1. Owen Bush, ladies and gentlemen! Owen Bush!!!
  2. I saw it and actually said "Holy crap! It's Owen Bush!" Owen, I knew you were a strong student of the blades from that period, but when Nat Geo comes to you with questions, you can probably consider yourself The Man. It was great seeing you on there after admiring your work for so long here.
  3. That's really cool Sam! Please do run some pictures next time. I'm interested in how you split that and ended up with three even legs.
  4. I really like the shape of te first one and the profile of the grip. Your level of finish is great.
  5. shortdog


    Dee, you've done it again. You really are an artist in the truest sense of the word. Congratulations on another fine creation.
  6. Geoff- That is a nasty little piece of work! I like what you did with the handle. At first I was trying ti figure how that would fit the hand, but the next pictures cleared that up nicely. Cool pattern on both the blade and handle.
  7. Really cool. Looks like it's ready to move or do something like fold, ratchet, and turn into something else. It keeps the eye moving.
  8. Beautiful work, Alan. I'm always impressed with your work. Needless to say, these did not disappoint in the least!
  9. Way to go, Dee. Congratulations!
  10. Dan- This is a leap and a bound here! That looks great. I'm happy for you and the customer. Absolutely no idea about ironwood, but I like the looks of the piece you used. Keep it up, man!
  11. Heavy- duty and nasty all at once. He should be very happy. I like what you did with the sheath.
  12. How many of you have met someone who, on finding out you make knives tells you "You know what makes the best knives? An old file!" I get that one about once a month.
  13. Noah-- Now you've done it... Gone and ruined a perfectly good project through creative leatherwork. Tell you what. I'll send you my shipping address. You send the whole mess to me and I'll hide it for you. Nobody ever has to know. I love what you guys are doing here. Not only is it creative and fun, but seeing the collaboration between two artists is just inspiring. Looking forward to more. - Wesley
  14. I have one and love it. I don't trust myself to keep the same angle when sharpening freehand, especially the first time I sharpen a new blade. I'll used mine to go from the thick, just heat treated edge down to the finished edge knowing that I've got it right all the way down.
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