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  1. Gary, Great line up. Dave from diller
  2. Kent, Just an FYI. Emerson anvils are cast out of 4140. http://emersonhorseshoe.net/21-anvils They also go up to 200#s. Everyone that I know that has one says it works really well and from what I can tell they are holding up well. They are in the 48-50rc range. Dave from Diller
  3. Really nice, Thanks for sharing Dave from diller
  4. dsloan

    Grooved knife

    Very, very nice. Something about simple folders and stag. Would love to see the grooving tool also. Dave from diller
  5. I'd leave it alone for now. It seems to be coming more from the clutch linkage rather than the pulley. Dave from diller
  6. Daniel, Excellent purchase, the 3.5 pulley is just a guide line really you can set up the size a little bigger for a little more speed and it won't hurt anything. When running properly with everything oiled/greased (clutch, ram and shaft main items). There's always some slip. I once watch a 100 run with a rear clutch and stood to the rear everytime the hammer struck the clutch slipped, the extra rpm plus the hp caused it to pick up a lot more smoothly. Don't focus on getting the beat per minutes right use what works. Folks feel a hammer running to fast will be out of control. Then I always say don't step on the threadle so hard. I've got to ring a bell now for the surplus center. It's located in Lincoln NE just a short 50 miles away. It's an outstanding source for motors and other things. It's a big kids warehouse. Kind of like the "yard" in Wichita KS. (scrap aluminum, and metal in any size). The rejects of the aircraft industry. Dave from diller
  7. Save the 5hp for another project. Check the affordable 1.5hp I bet it's a 1.5 at 220v and 3/4 at 110v. Dave from diller
  8. I watched the video it's 3450rpms. He's using rpms to make up for the hp. The correct pulley size on a 50 is 3.5 inches O.D. The drive pulley look quite a bit smaller. Hence more speed smaller pulley. Still a great hammer though. Dave from diller
  9. Wow is all I can say, about a 3/4. Yes, I'd get the 2hp, but remeber to get it in the 1750rpm range. It might wake that hammer up enough to feel like a 250. Rpms and HP are important components. To making these hammers run well. Easiest way to explain it speed for the slap you hear and HP to pick it back up. You have not only the weight of the ram but the counter weight of the flyweel. Use the same drive pulley's if possible. Or get ones in the right matching sizes (O.D.). I bet this is how he got it to run so well. I once saw a gentleman that was running a 50 with 1hp motor and a 1 inch pulley. He felt this added to control. I out forged this 50 with a 3lb hand hammer. Having said the above another thought came to me 3/4hp 3450rpms. Will have to watch the video again. Dave from diller
  10. It's a good clean looking hammer. Which raises my first question. The clutch should be oiled along with all moving parts (ram guide, knuckles and such). If it was cleaned recently, okay. I'd ask about oiling and greasing. The second thing I spotted was the dies, not original and I would ask about height. Dies can be a major investment. On the plus side the arms look good no rewelds, the babbit looked good, the wobble was no issue, the ram guide looked original and it hit amazing hard. One last thought 50's need a minimum of 2hp or a 3hp motor. I have a feeling after watching it run you've met these requirements. For a reasonable price this would be an outstanding hammer for you. (If you learned on a 250# air hammer don't expect the same results instantly). Wow!!! Dave from Diller
  11. dsloan

    F. J. Richtig

    I'm sure alot of what he was doing was showmanship. But try to cut a railroad spike like he did in his demo's, at a certain point you have to have it hanging off the anvil. I've found out one thing you have to strike your and blade at a straight angle, a glancing blow will make a wreck of thing. The largest piece of steel I've tried is a 16 penny nail. Dave from diller
  12. dsloan

    F. J. Richtig

    Here's an article that was floating around FB. It's a really well writing article and informative. https://clarksonhistory.wordpress.com/2013/05/06/secrets-of-the-dead-the-richtig-knife/ Dave from Diller
  13. Yes, that's Diller Ne. The Perfect mostly needs a good going over and thighten up. Spring are in good shape. Mostly in need of a lower die. It was running when removed from the shop, but has been stored outside since. Thanks Dave from Diller
  14. I have three 50# hammers available in various states of repairs. The first is a New Style Little Giant completely rebuilt. For $5800usd. The second is an Old Style hammer with lots of new parts. For $3600usd. The third is a Perfect. In need of tender loving care. For $900usd. I do have more photos and more info if interested. Oh yeah pick up only shipping is the buyers respondsobilty. Dave from diller
  15. dsloan

    F. J. Richtig

    Alan, When you speak to the Old Farmer again thank him for his story and photo's. It's quite interesting to note how many people's lives Mr. Richtig's knives have touched. President Eisenhower even had a Richtig knife. Dave from Diller
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