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  1. kevin_k

    A2 in a san mai

    Kinda what I thought, but it was an interesting Idea. I wonder if pure iron would work, being much much softer and possibly stretching with the A2 during ht?
  2. kevin_k

    A2 in a san mai

    Has anyone tried this? All my tools are in storage so it's just something I've been thinking about. I would imagine a san mai with an A2 core and mild steel sides would make an interesting project, maybe impossible though. Hopefully someone with greater knowledge and more experience will chime in with some info. Kevin
  3. I sooooo wish I had a power hammer! Noah was kind enough to come over and give me a hand with breaking down some of the bar(ha ha) but I must say I'm still not used to the new forge. New steel and a new forge, oh well it was fun and a learning experience! Next time I'll have to try not to get so WILD Kevin
  4. Well I guess that explains it. Next time I'll switch out to the half inch burners! Thanks for the answers.
  5. Nice knife. Realy good fit and finish.
  6. Nice, looks like a good backpacking ax!
  7. Realy nice handle shape looks comfortable! Sweet knife! Kevin
  8. If I'd have known it was your fifth knife I would have said it was a complete success! Kevin
  9. I f you are careful you can straighten a small warp with a propane torch by heating the outside of the bend until its just hot enough to sizzle water (I know very scientific) then quenching it in cool water. I believe its a Japanese method. I've done it twice succesfully. The trick is to be VERY CAREFUL. Just keep checking to see if the warp is gone and when it is retemper one more time to even out the stress on the blade. Hope that helps with the next one, although I would by no means call this on a failure. Kevin
  10. Nice, clean lines. Is it forged to shape or stock removal?
  11. kevin_k

    New gas forge

    I just got a chili forge and I LOVE IT! Reaches welding heats no problem. If you want to buy the forge in the link and want it last a while just use some Satanite or Mizou to line the inside with, it'll make it last longer and up the insulation. I used a whisper daddy for about eight years and only relined it once(cause I didn't and the mizou right off the bat). Kevin
  12. Did you normalize before HT to reduce internal stress? Internal stress can cause fracturing during or even after HT especialy with kryo treatment. just my 2 cents. Kevin
  13. We live very close we should get together and talk shop!

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