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  1. The thread makes me want to try again. I made an attempt at home brewing mead some years ago, but I was not thorough enough in sterilizing the bottle beforehands and got some undesired growths
  2. It is not exactly from round stock but from home made mokume. I am also not sure if it is okay to post a link to another forum. Additionally, it is in german. But I think the many pictures inside the thread could be helpful to you anyway. Messerforum If you want to make a ring from round stock, why don't you just cut of a slice of the stock and drill a big hole inside this slice (optimum: drill hole in the same diameter as the finger of the later wearer), finish the ring with files or your grinder. For inlaying a silver inner ring (for making it more skin friendly to wear, depends on the rings own material) you can look into the link I posted. A thin sheet of silver was fitted into the ring, hammered and soldered in place.
  3. I've seen the movie last week, it was a really beautiful sword and even story-wise also a centerpiece. The story behind the sword and you as makers makes it even better. You must be very proud and rightly so
  4. That wasn't the intention of using your name. I just wanted to make the connection and didn't think of the fact I could easily have used the quote function. I did not take them as curiosity-items but remembered something like "also proven method". Listening to patients is great, but I think you also have to speak your mind when their plans could get them or other people hurt. That is the whole problem. But this is the reason why you are using the cold. Normalising temperatures as fast as possible. Well. Whens some friend of mine burns himself badly when BBQ went wrong, I do not find the concept of treating himn mutable or relative...maybe with really minor things that wil heal by themself in a day wqhere I could also do nothing at all. But even then I have seen that cooling as much as possible for longer times helped me with the pain and limited the damage. In this case I simply see the logic in the rules and no logic whatsoever in adverse methods, therefore I will follow them. Not getting sued is a nice bonus though , not following the guidelines can get me sued here rather quickly. Okay, I see the whole topic more in a first-aid acute treatment way than in a "how I connect to patients and treat over a longer time" way. I think there are patients you yourself (I myself) can not connect with if the views are too different. In that situation it is better to part and maybe send the person a collegue who is more fitting for him (of course I do not mean emergencies or anything like that). When choosing the correct antiobiotic, finding the correct diagnosis for a person with neurological symptoms (save psychological symptoms) or calculating optimum therapy for a special cancerous disease, people's behaviour will not get me anywhere. It is all statistics, therapeutic concepts and "book knowledge" from then on... I concur completely with this. Even though I would try my best convincing a patient to choose the way of treatment I think best, everybody has to decide himself what he does with his life and health. But for my own conscience it is imperative for me that I try to give all the information I have anyway. Jeder ist seines Gl├╝ckes Schmied (what roughly translates to "everybody is the smith of his own luck/fortune")
  5. I was not aware that I attacked you personally, nor was it intended, so if I made that impression I am sorry for that. As for your assumption that I have to disprove your theories, I am still of the contrary opinion because you suggested methods that are completely opposite to the established methods. Well, like I said, applying heat instead of cold will keep the temperature of the deeply burned tissue higher for a longer time, so more damage will ensue. That is harm in my book. I wouldn't say everything contrary to curent doctrine is wrong. But I will not consider swichting from doctrine to "new method" without very good reason and proof. What you wrote about substance P is absolutely right. But in my opinion you are mixing up different topics here. Fever is an alltogether different thing than acute treatment of a burn. What irks me in modern medicine is that one is way too fast with the decision to manipulate a patients body temperature when the fever clearly has its benefits for the body's fight against an infection. One should only think about this when a patients fever rises to a level where it becomes dangerous instead of helpful. When talking about constriction of your vessels: this is the reason why I would try to evade ice or ice water. I talk about the temperature it comes out of the tap here. Maybe we have a misunderstanding about what the other one advocates? My reasoning is that the water needs to have enough "capacity" to take up temperature from your burned skin and therefore should not be hot. Optimal would be running water to quicken the process of siphoning away the excess heat. I know of methods where you apply heat via elektrodes to cancerous tissues. Warmth will also help with many painful injuries of your musculoskeletal system. The use of capsaicin is not very common where I live. It is mostly used as an "add on" when people react positively to the warmth in analgetic therapy. But a burn, where you sustained damage because of too much heat is nothing you should treat with more heat as first aid because of the aforementioned reasons. If you are really sure about your method of treating burns with heat, you should publicate something about it. I will stick to the proven method until there are good reasons to change.
  6. The harm is mostly done with the warm or hot water. The vinegar I am not perfectly sure. It is at least an irritant to an already damaged skin. Not getting burned is the way to go Just leaves the cuts and bruises... It may be the case that my expressions sound harder than I meant them due to the whole second language thing. I would not call it superiority, though I do not accept most ob the "alternative stuff". It would be prejudiced if I did not read up what I am criticizing, which is not the case. Some "alternative" styles belong to the most thoroughly disproven theories in the scientific community. I accept herbal medicine as it is the root of all pharmacology and contains real "chemistry". Everything beyond that, I can not accept unless somebody gives me some proof in the form of double blind, randomised, controlled studies. I have very bad experience with people advocating antiscientific therapies where I encountered the same superiority you mentioned even though no proof was given and everything was backed with "personal feeling" or "it is so because I say so". And in some cases I know people who suffered or even died from following these people's advice and their "alternative medicine". I did not calssify Mike as such a person, I wanted to express that by saying in my first post that I appreciated his intentions and his wanting to help.
  7. Well, I have postponed my final exam for a work in medical research for half a year. Afterwards, I am a medical doctor too. The methods I described are no "hasty unresearched comments". I am sure Mike is a great smith and does marvellous knives. I am also sure that he is a great person and friend. But it is just that his medical advice was not sound. I do not know why you think I want to slam him. I have said two times now that I think he wants to help and I do not question his good intentions. I just question that it is good advice, therefore I simply have to say nobody should do it that way because people could worsen their injuries that way. I did not read them in time, but now you made me curious I am. And additionally, what I write is the established method for treating burns. Everybody can treat them the way he wants. But when I read things that are clearly wrong and can get people hurt, I will express it.
  8. I even said that I am sure that you are a good intentioned fellow that wants to help. I do not know how that is castigating or blistering you and was by no means my intention. Anyway, I had to somehow express that nobody should do the things to their burns that you suggested (or told a tale of or anything, hidden subtexts are beyond my grasp ot the english language to be honest) because it will do more harm than good. Usually, the one advocating an alternative treatment to a well established one should provide an explanation why doing so is superior and at least a theory how this could work. You did not do that. But that is how the scientific method works (well, at least partially) and the only way to reasonably acquire knowledge. It is not my turn to now defend the established way of treating burns. The explanation is simple though and I will write it down anyway. The heat causes your skin to burn. But the heat does not stay on the surface of your finger (or other body part) but goes deeper and causes damage to these deeper tissues. You apply cold for a long time to minimise deeper damage and inflammatory response by seeping the additional heat out of your body faster than it would have done if you did nothing. Using sterile dressings and maybe antiobiotic ointments is pretty self explanatory. Applying heat to the burn will not only not help your tissue come back to its normal temeprature but will do the contrary, the tissue will stay over temperature for a longer time (even longer than if you did nothing at all). Vinegar is acidic and irritating to your skin. It may kill some germs, but nothing that can't be safely done with antiseptics or antibiotics. How it should contribute to a healing process is beyond me. I just can not let that stand, because I do not want people come harm or to worsen their wounds.
  9. Dude...there is nothing wrong with thinking outside of the box sometimes. But injuries or burns are not one of these times. I am sure you really want to help and only have the best intentions. But your medical advice is far from helpful, to put id mildly. Giving people the advice to administer heat to a burn or apply irritating substances like vinegar instead of giving the correct treatment is downright destructive. If you got a burn, the first priority is to cool the location on your body for a long enough time. Like another one posted: For longer than you would actually think. That means cooling for up to 20 minutes under cold, running tap water. Ice or other extremely cold mediums can be counter-productive (too much vascular constriction) and should be avoided if possible. If the burn covers a big area, looks bad or deep you should consult a doctor or visit an ER. If in doubt, do so too. If it is only a minor, trivial burn you can treat it yourself according to your own experience with antiseptic creams and so on (after cooling of course). You should apply a sterile dressing and keep your finger from any blisters (do not open). I can only strongly advise anybody here against trusting Mike Blues advice.
  10. This looks really nice, I send you my compliments How many layers do you have there?
  11. Funny story: I grind with respirator and safety googles (that cover "all sides"). One time during my holidays I walked through a city with my girlfriend and *splash*...I got a hot steel fragment into my eye that seems to have flown out of a window of the second floor of some house where they were doing some renovation. my eye was burning and weeping for some minutes, after it stopped I thougt nothing more of it. Before going to bed I saw the little lesion in my cornea due to the bright light and the mirror in the bathroom. Luckily the next day we went home again anyway and I got to the doctor who drilled out that part of my cornea where the rust had settled in. The ironic thing is: I never got anything in my eyes during grinding. But, the one time I am on vacation, I immediately catch some random splint with my eyeball.
  12. Well, exposition to fine dusts of metals and especially wood can be extremely harmful. You will not get ill in a short time, all diseases from it come over a long time. Of course there are people who expose themselves for dozens of years and die at 90. There are also chain-smokers who live that long. But I would not make a general rule out of these individual cases.
  13. I agree with you on the colour-subject. Everywhere I read cherry red. But to me the colour is simply orange. Just like the fruit. Do not get a pyrometer, you will not get anything like the correct temperature with them! Use a Type-K thermocouple for the correct temperature range. Buy the longest one that is in your pricerange.
  14. At university I was told the "fumes" when welding are mostly solid particles and not gaseous. These particles are very small though (Nano dimensions) and very unhealthy when inhaled, especially if you are exposed regularly (working as a welder). full face mask with external air supply would be optimum of course if you want to be sure. But I do not know about exposure to dangerous elements while forge welding stainless steel. I could imagine it to be very different to regular welding. When the opportunity arises, I will ask a professor when I get hold of one.
  15. Thanks I just forgot to include the translation... it was planned to explain the name. So thank you that you compensated for my bad memory. I am surprised that the first guy who posts can easily translate....always thought german wasn't a very common language.
  16. Hello there! I really hope I did not go overboard with the images. I finished three new knives. The first one is for my father and his forays into the woods where he gathers herbs and mushrooms. Until now, he always took some battered petty knife and rolled it into a newspaper for transportation. I could not let that stay that way of course It is lowlayer damascus, with a try at twisting it (well, I barely got one twist over the whole length...not satisfying) and consists of 75Ni8 (15N20) and 1.2842 (O1). The length of the blade is 11,8cm (4,64 inches). The handle is redwood burl, fine silver and black ebony. The kitchen knife is way more simple. It is made of ball bearing steel 1.3505 (52100) and has a 20cm blade (7,87 inches). I made this for the father of my girlfriend. He happens to be a television technician and gave me a fairly big, flat-tv that he repaired some time ago. Quite overkill for my students-appartment to be honest, I would never have been able to afford one if it wasn't for this "deal" I hope he likes the knife when I give it to him. The third one is a fairly small EDC that I intended as a handy everyday tool for women. Though my own "womens-fingers" fit through the hole quite nicely too It was made of the last scrap piece of 52100 I had. The handle is made of "red heart". This will be given too the lady who leads the dojo where I trained for a long time. I hope you and of course the recipients will like the knives...
  17. I especially like your nakiri. I love the "raw" surface, especially on kitchen knives! The hunting knife is nice too. I am no big fan of the handle material though, but that is a matter of personal preference. Bigger pictures would be great too
  18. Where did you get the information about the correct ratio between sand and clay? I will be building a new forge and used way more clay than sand with my old forge...but of course I want to implement improvements.
  19. As far as I know, a blue tempering colour shows the point of the worst hardness/toughness relationship. Tempering to straw/golden yields better toughness, even though hardness remains at a higher point. Therefore I would choose a fitting steel for a machete (leaf spring sounds good if it doesn't have hairline fractures) and temper to straw colour. Afterwards you can draw the spine of the blade with your torch to grey colour (spring temper).
  20. The video is simply great. The accellerated speed reminds me of classical silent movies from long ago The welding flaw doesn't need to be your fault. When welding up cable, it is a common problem. Motorcycle chains and so on are even worse. So do not feel bad. It looks like very good work to me!
  21. I really like them! The group shots are impressive. It is your fault that I now want to make axes/hawks myself ;-)
  22. Hi folks! Due to these being the (I guess) Knife No. 11, 12 and 13 I made, I do not really know what to do with them anymore. I am very sure they won't be the last knives I made, but I have to start thinking about what to do with the finished products. I aready gave away some as presents and there only so many knives I myself can use. Anyway, here two kitchen knives I made and a flat little EDC-knife I made. The kitchen knives are made (stock removal) from 1.2519 steel (1.1% carbon and 1.4% tungsten with a bit of mangan, chromium and vanadium thrown in) and approx. 7.5 inches long. The EDC is forged from carbon steel round stock (1.05% carbon) with a blade length of 3.5 inches. I did every step in making them, including heat treatment in my charcoal forge using the colour and magnet method...I still find it very tricky to get the temperature "even" with large blades. I am still not very fond of my freehand grinding using my small belt sander. I still have to do a lot of work with sandpaper to get an adequate looking blade-to tang transition (I mean the ricasso-area, I do not know if this term exists in the english language too). Here are the pictures: and some detail shots: Uploaded with ImageShack.us I have three newe knives nearly finished, two of which will be given away as presents (my father, father of my girlfriend). When they are sharp and completely finished, I will post them too. Hope you like them. best regards Meisenmann (I guess I will change to my realname, it seems the polite way on this forum as so many of you guys are using it)
  23. Very cool, once again a knife you don't see every day. Really cool design and a beautiful knife.
  24. Extremely cool! This is really one of those "one of a kind knives" that you have never seen before. Simply a great idea, great design and an artfully finished product.
  25. That is really funny, your knife reminds me of the second knife I made, some one and a half years ago. Yours has a longer blade, which is more beautiful I must say. I got rid of the paracord though and made a new sheath.
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