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  1. One downside to College is being cut off from my shop, so I've been trying to make the most of my brief summer. I finally got back into the swing of things after a couple rough test pieces to give my muscles a chance to regain their memory. I'm really pleased with how this came together, it went surprisingly smooth the whole way along.


    The blade is 5160. The handle is thuya burl with wrought iron fittings.


    6.5" blade

    4.75" handle

    11.25" OAL


    Thanks to you all for looking!

















  2. I unfortunately haven't had time for much of anything besides school and work for the past few months, but I've finally finished one.


    The blade started out as a large bearing race that i split and treated like 52100, 5 normalization cycles and 3 oil quenches followed by tempering it at 400F twice for 2 hours.

    I did some chopping, cutting, and flexing with the blade and a mockup handle just to be sure, and it performed as well as any of my knives. It wasn't very pretty though, with a bit of forge scale smattered along the flats, so i etched the whole blade in vinegar over night. or i thought i etched the whole blade. Somehow only 4/5 of the blade got etched and there was a nasty line running across the blade. So i etched the rest of the blade and did a few mustard etches and wiped it with some FeCl since i didnt have much to lose, cosmetically.


    The fittings are copper, which i patinated to match the blade, dabbing with FeCl and then with vinegar. The handle itself is redheart. I must say i was surprised at how vivid red this wood is. it's surprisingly light, and the dust stains everything. Fortunately it washes away with water. I left the handle a bit thinner than usual, and it's one of the most comfortable handles i've made, i think. The tang is peened over the pommel.


    The blade is 9.5" long, with a bit of accidental recurve.

    The handle is a hair under 5" long

    so that gives it an OAL of 14.5"


    I'm really pleased with how this knife turned out. It's fairly light and fast and it chops better than any other knife i've made.


    anyways, enough jibber jabber. Here are a few pics. I still have yet to make a sheath for it.







    thanks for lookin! :D

  3. ohhhhh an eating set would be a fun change. that gets my vote.

    also, whatever the theme, if it's within my capabilities, then i'll definitely be in.

  4. Whoa! now that is a beautiful piece. the grain flows so well from the blade to the guard to the handle and the textures all match. and the colors. and..and... and... i want it :P

    seriously though, post some more of your work, feel aside. i for one wouldnt complain to see more of your handiwork around here :)

  5. Just to clear any confusion, here's the updated list as far as i can tell.


    1. Petr Florianek

    2. Serge Panchenko

    3. Luke Shearer

    4. Josh Burrell

    5. Alex Naumenko

    6. Ethan Perry (Ethan P.)

    7. N. Runals

    8. JJ Simon

    9. Orien MacDonald (Orien M.)

    10. kyle o'donnell

    11. Jacques Delfosse

    12. Noah M Legel

    13. Casey W Daniel

    14. Matthew Marolt

    15. Jared Ziegenbein

    16. Anthony Crnic

    17. Leif Svendsen

    18. Antoine Marçal

    19. George Ezell

    20. Scott A. Roush

    21. Dave Stephens

    22. Mark Schneider

    23. Don Abbott

    24. ryan stevens

    25. kevin hopkins

    26. Jaroslav Lett (Hloh)

    27. Geoffrey Swyka

    28. Jake Cleland

    29. Michael Lenaghan

    30. Bret (a last name would be good)

    31. Christopher Price

    32. B. Norris

    33. Troy Christianson

    34. Stephen Stumbo

    35. Kip Kaiser

    36. Luke Sorensen

    37. Geoff Keyes

  6. I finally finished the final touches, overall i'm very happy with how this turned out. My (atrocious) carving is a bit on the messy side, but i cleaned up the scratches as best I could. I don't know how the resident carving fiends can stand it. I about pulled out my beard it was that tedious :ph34r:

    I'm especially pleased with the fit on the guard. This is the first time i can say i've gotten it fit with no gaps whatsoever. :)

    The blade is just a hair under 6" long and the handle is 4 3/8", making the OAL 10 3/8"

    But enough of my yammer, here's a few pictures of the finished product.











    once again, pardon the less than satisfactory pictures. I'm no photographer. Thanks for looking :D

  7. finally hit something of a drawback on this one. It was only a matter of time <_<


    I cleaned up the glue, trued up the shape of the back end, which had glued a little misaligned, and cut the end of the tang for peening.


    unfortunately, the epoxy hadn't flowed into the middle part of the handle very well, so during peening the handle jarred itself apart. I'm glad this happened, as it showed me a weakness earlier rather than latere


    So I applied a much more liberal coat to the inside of the wooden part and through the rest of the handle, and set it to cure again.



    This time it survived the peening process easily. The pommel had to be resanded and re-etched a bit.


    And a bit of a closeup on the peened tang



    Now I just have the simple task of carving the antler :rolleyes:

  8. a bit more work done on this.



    a nice cup of dilute FeCl with the Wrought Iron peices taking a bath


    a close up of the guard and pommel, etched about 30 minutes or so


    everything shaped and sanded to 600grit and etched


    guard and pommel taped off for gluing


    delicious epoxy


    and here it sits for the next day or so, pardon my messy worktable. :rolleyes:

  9. after a few tedious hours with needle files and my drill press, I got everything fitted. The oak slabs are mortised to fit the tang, pinned together with short bits of brazing rod, and glued together


    a few minutes with the belt sander and staring into the light got rid of any gaps between the spacers


    And it's finally beginning to take shape! I've done a little more sanding down past this point, and am just about to etch the guard and pommel


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