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  1. what steel is it? and i take it you will etch it to show a hamon?
  2. looks good! sharpen it a bit, put it on a handle, and see how it flies!
  3. that/s looking really good although i don't quite get the carved handle bit. it would look good with cocobolo
  4. very nice like all your work murat!
  5. thanks, i wonder what strongbad would say...
  6. thanks, i wonder what strongbad would say...
  7. that looks great clint! i really like that dmascus patten
  8. here's a little friction folder i made a few weeks ago. the blade is O1 and is a little over 3 inches long. i put a convex grind on it. the handle is some rosewood one of my friends gave me. comments and criticism are very wlecome.
  9. nor is it mine. it's just what i had and wasn't afraid to mess up. i'll start taking better pics next time. and I have over 50 railroad spikes (about 30 are high carbon) that i need to forge into knives before i think of getting other steel.
  10. wow i need one of those..... great build. have fun with it.
  11. as always your work amazes me. i really hope to be at least half as good as you some day...
  12. hmm when i make them any bigger they get really pixelated....
  13. oh. ok i'll make em a it bigger.
  14. Awesome hamon! i wish i could get mine to turn out like that.
  15. i like the antler on there. isn't the blade supposed to be real upswept at the tip? i don't know anything about skinning, but all the other skinners i see have that. looks real nice. O1 is a good steel.
  16. i finished my first little knife. it's made of rebar with paper micarta scales and brass pins i left the spine with the rebar's little ridges. it's a full grind with a really thick spine (1/4" at the back of the blade) i hope to make several more. comments and critiques are fine.
  17. looks like a sturdy little knife.
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