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  1. you probably already know this, but when you wipe the blade with ferric, make sure you rub off all the oxides and spray with windex to neutralize the acid
  2. looks pretty sweet! if you want to use the whole length of the back bars, cut a < into the end of the bar and then forgeweld it shut. from there you'll have the tip flow better with the shape as opposed to just cutting a \ onto the end.
  3. if you're using brass furniture, dont use oak. oak reacts with brass to turn it black.
  4. looks incredible, as usual. i really like your unique style. where do you get those torx bolts? im actually looking for some and cant find any.
  5. nice looking knife, and a difficult shape to get right. well done the one peice of advice id give is make sure to wipe the scale off of your anvil pretty regularly, at least once every few heats. when too much scale builds up, you can beat it into your blade, causing deep pits that can be a pain to get rid of. ask how i know....
  6. i dont really have any historical basis for this, but i think the fish shape is for a finger to rest in for an alternate grip, sort of like how a swivel knife handle works. although, i could be wrong
  7. awesome work as always! i like the east meets west style
  8. thats an oldschool soldering iron i think.
  9. for just slicing, i would use something more like #2 or the last one. a straight edge with somewhat of a point. the boxcutter tip on #2 would be useful for cutting bags and string. although i would make the blade a bit smaller. i think that in america especially, the merits of a small knife are often overlooked. you dont need much more than 2" of blade for anything that you do everyday.
  10. nice work! i think that wood might be spalted maple. i really like it. hope you bring it to the next trackrock
  11. get some PB blaster to penetrate that rust. I would LOVE to find something that cool in my woods.
  12. for me at least, i like the two extremes as far as color goes. i love dark wood or horn, finished to a high gloss and with fittings of either wrought iron or silver. the silver provides a good contrast with the dark. very classy to me. i also really like a light wood like maple, myrtle, or birch with either bronze or brass fittings. i like the colored fittings with the lighter wood because they accentuate the yellow and orange tints in the wood. shape wise, i'm a big fan of flowing, organic looking handles. any work by Gerhard Wieland is a perfect example of this. if it has a guard, i like it to be understated, contoured, not overpowering or unbalanced. usually accentuated by a groove running through it to add the illusion of slimness. for fighting knives, i like the handle shape with a slightly larger butt end than ferrule end. usually with a palm swell.
  13. both are excellent! i love love love your style
  14. first of all, definitely temper before doing anything else to the blade, most people actually temper while the blade is still warm from quenching. the cracks probably came from overheating the blade, it shouldnt get above a bright orange
  15. definitely go with a hard wood if you can, they last way longer. big baseball bats can be effective, but even a peice of 4x4 is harder than a 2x4, but i just use a 2x4 because its cheap and easy
  16. yeah, ditto on the ricasso/choil point for the second knife, but i really like them, they look great otherwise!
  17. lovely work! the lack of a ricasso kind of messes with my eye, but overall i reallllllly like it
  18. i dont use a hammer for straigthening the spine of a knife. if im hammering the edge, i use my thwoker. just a 2x4 with a handle carved on it. or a baseball bat. any big peice of wood will work. get the knife good and hot then beat on the edge with the thwoker and the spine will straighten nicely. and it wont deform the edge of your knife. you just have to take the wobble out of it
  19. i use solidworks at my school. its pretty obedient with curves.
  20. nice work! waaaay better than my first. some constructive criticism: the grind on your knives is pretty wobbly, try making some smaller knives, like 3-4" blades, that way its easier to keep everything straight and clean. i really like your handle shapes.
  21. usually i listen to deathcore and stuff. but techno is nice. check out attack attack. theyre a mix of hardcore and techno or something like that
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