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  1. lately i've been listening to some techno, im not usually into it. but some deadmau5 is on my current playlist
  2. thats a really old picture of me

  3. dude. 9260 + water = break. even if it wasnt glowing, it could still be at a high enough temperature to harden at least partially. remember, critical is a very very dull red in bright sunlight.
  4. FS fighters are definitely WWII - WWI era. although there's the '60s style of fighter with stacked plastic handles, large aluminum pommel and a thin guard. i cant remember the name of that style though
  5. beautiful work! is the blade polished? or does it still have grind marks on it?
  6. ohh sorry about the misunderstanding. that would work for a ferrule. and it may be the simplest method, be careful when you're cleaning it not to scratch the underside of the guard with a file. i do that too often.
  7. for the kind of wide, self supporting guard you're going to do on this one, no. i wouldnt cast it out of pewter. if it was just a bolster, maybe. i say forge it out of steel, or maybe brass. anything much softer and it'll bend
  8. a little heavy metal. we came as romans attack attack! children of bodom some trip hop flying lotus pogo occasionally some vampire weeked, say anything, nickel creek, and the dear hunter
  9. that looks great so far! really good job on the forging. forgive my poor photoshop skills, but i modified your sketch a little to show what i'd do on it. i'd add a little more swell to the handle for better grip, make more of a curved choil just for improved looks, and add a swedge or false edge.
  10. awesome work as always petr! maybe something with the title of "destroyer of lamb chops" or the like.
  11. i put one of my wisdom teeth in a handle and covered it with epoxy
  12. thanks guys! the handle's fancy walnut with buffalo spacers and wrought iron fittings.
  13. here's some better pictures for yall, (relatively speaking that is) sorry about the wait.
  14. REMARKABLE! i love it love it love it!
  15. excellent as always! im not usually into the "rustic/mountain man" look, but i can dig this one
  16. oh i am. I'm just that good... thanks for the compliments guys! it means alot. its been cloudy, and i've found my camera, so once theres some sun and free time, ill get those better pics up i promise.
  17. i really like it. the one thing i would change is to have the plunge cut be slightly rounded, i think itd look better than just square
  18. ok, finished this one. opted not to carve anything into it, as just fileworking the guard and pommel took a really long time. and i was having trouble with the handle. blade is 15" overall 20" guard and pommel are wrought iron, fileworked and deeply etched blade is made from a large file, almost all of the teeth ground off handle is crotchwood walnut with buffalo horn spacers the tang is peined over the pommel, but i put in 2 pins just to be safe. this knife/sword cuts really well, and fits my hand well. sorry about the phone picture, ill post some better ones once i find my camera
  19. usualy tea for me. a good earl grey drunk straight. if im in a rush in the morning, a monster works just as well
  20. ohh that's beautiful! how do you work the bamboo? do you have to fill the inner chambers with epoxy and then drill it out? or is it solid?
  21. that knife is intense man! i love it
  22. it always kind of amazes me how much trouble people have with coin mokume, its really easy. here's my method. with a gas forge. step1:get some quarters and some copper pipe like 1" dia. step2:lightly tap the pipe until it is roughly rectangular at the opening. step3:fit as many quarters into the opening of the pipe as you can. i usually get 5. step4:tap the quarter filled end of the pipe with a hammer to tighten everything up a bit. step5: cut off the excess pipe with a hacksaw step6:put the little bit of quarter filled pipe in the forge until it gets to an orange heat step7: tap it down to further tighten it up some, it doesnt weld, but it makes it easier to handle step8:heat the billet to a bright yellow/white heat, until you begin to see the billet bead up slightly on the top and and sides. step9:tap the bilet lightly to set the welds. step10: repeat 8 and 9 until its nice and solid. from there you can forge it, cut it, fold and weld it to increase the layers, twist it, accordian cut it, whatever you want. just work it at a bright orange down to a dull red, and every few heats re heat it to welding temp to keep the welds healthy. no cleaning involved unless the quarters are really grimy. so far i've had one failure, and that was because i didnt heat it up enough. nickels are pure nickel and so arent very exciting to forge weld, and pennies can be dangerous. if theyre after 1982 then they are copper plated zinc, which can cause fume fever if heated in a forge
  23. i explained how damascus works to my cousin using gum...
  24. i etch my mark in. its cheaper for me, and looks different than a stamp, it can also be really detailed if you want to.
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