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  1. ohhh that's excellent! really flows and has a nice simple elegance to it.
  2. it doesnt suck, not in slightest. i think its cool.
  3. you welded stainless to carbon, to 52100? you are certainly a marvel
  4. i would be up for making a handle on something.
  5. for a third knife, it's great! good overall shape and nice finish, the one thing i would point out, is that you might want to make yo next sheath go higher up on the handle. for scandinavian style sheaths expecially, it's important for the sheath to go just past the palm swell so that it can "snap" in place. but still, it looks a heck of a lot better than my third knife. better than my tenth
  6. that looks really good! the hamon's a bit wonky, and i would cut out the little bulge right before the guard to smooth out the lines, but other than that, i really, really, like it!
  7. my brother (who is getting his masters at georgia tech) had one analyzed on one of their big fancy machines, and it's very similar to 4140. Toyota head bolts are something like a grade 8 bolt on steroids i think, at least in toyotas they are, and they harden pretty well
  8. one thing that makes a really neat pattern, is to forge the little billet into a square bar, do lotos of twists, then cut it straight down the middle, and then re weld them together, just inside out, has a really neat star pattern on both sides.
  9. i love making coin mokume, only problem i've ever had with it is that sometimes as the quaters are heating up, they will blister and that can cause the stacks (i usually use 8-10 quarters) to lean and fall over, which is a heap of annoyingness.
  10. is that the tang i see sticking out of the butt? did you pein it and then file the facets on it? or is it a nickel rivet that you put in to hold the pommel on? either way, that's extremely impressive!
  11. ah... yall are lucky. my girlfriend's not the fondest of knives, although she likes woodworking, so long as it's with a rasp and files...
  12. *whistles* Those are INCREDIBLE!!!!! absolutely wonderful, no other words for it, (that i can think of anyway)
  13. interesting shape. sure turned out better than my first few hawks. and they all broke too...
  14. That looks lovely! great transition and hamon!
  15. that looks lovely. certainly puts my mokume to shame!
  16. that looks cool! the pattern is especially nice, has your specific style to it. The one thing i would change on it is keep the handle thin right up until the guard and then just have the guard flare out, rather than have the handle get thicker right before the guard, but that's just aesthetics, and it might be more comfortable as is.
  17. that looks excellent! really interesting
  18. that's quite the knife. great hamon for not using clay
  19. that's really neat. how did you manage the writing in the blade? etching?
  20. it's an interesting design, but it is really ambitious for a beginner. It has a fuller, which isnt very easy to do, whether you forge it in or grind it in. a few aesthetic things i see, i would make the spine a continuous line or curve and get rid of the step from the pommel, or make the guard protrude the same distance from the spine, just to even things up, and also i would make the clipped point a little less severe. almost all seax specimens from the Thames have a clip which goes anywhere from 1/3 to 1/2 of the blade length, and you could perhaps narrow the blade up a bit. saying all this, i dont want to discourage you from trying it out. It's a good design, and i think you should go with it, every knife you make will get better and better.
  21. that looks absolutely awesome kurt! i dont usually like bone handled knives all that much, but this one just flows y'know? and, i love your pipe work and it's always neat to see another pipemaking knifemaker. or a knifemaking pipemaker.
  22. now that, looks awesome! definitely seaxy i really think that's going to turn out amazing. are you going to carve anything into that handle?
  23. those look cool! pretty ambitious first real forging. something that big
  24. it took me half an hour just to draw it. odds are i'll cheat and use the dremel.... maybe
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