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  1. Gauging interest in titanium sheet/plate and large diameter rounds. I have recently found a relatively abundant supply of titanium plate/sheet .05-.312 thick and some large diameter round drops 6-10" dia X 1/2 -1" long. The Material is 6al4v and CP titanium. The cp is more abundant in thicker plate and rounds but there is a decent amount of the 6al4v in the plate/sheet. The price obviously varies by the piece but as an example I have some of the 6al4v .188 9.5X12" for 75$ and a piece of the cp round .340 thick X 7.25 dia for 50$ If anyone is interested let me know and I would love to pass on these deals i would like to see my fellow makers use this stuff rather than see it go to the scrappers Thanks justin
  2. It looks like de-carb to me. You could try repolishing one small area and re-etching it.
  3. I'll make you one for $2595 Out the Door with More. troll lollol.......
  4. I like food ... mostly anything with meat
  5. Hello I tend to lean towards Renwax for storage & display you can get it at most good woodworking suppliers. I noticed you said you were in Jersey if thats the case I would look up Aldo Bruno AKA the New Jersey Steel Baron he has alot of local contacts for knife makers and can get you in touch with them. Also he is a great guy to get to know.
  6. I think the recurve make them look almost persian I think they look great.
  7. Take down hardware, finials, pins made from damascus / mokume, inlays, and a bunch of other cool stuff.
  8. This is the end of a billet I welded up today it is a wrought and 1075 san-mai. The wrought came from the Ohio state penitentiary. Its is going to become a santoku for my wife's birthday. This is the off-cut from the end of the billet which started out .75" T X 1.5" W X 6" L and ended up .145" T X 2" W X 16" L.
  9. I used to be into archery alot when I was younger. I have been getting into it more lately and even built a few bows. This one was for my wife who decided she wanted to start shooting with me. 66" reflex/deflex longbow 35# @ 24" I also have an old Indian archery recurve and a Ben Pearson "collegiate"
  10. Thats awesome I wish I knew someone who could just drop off some giraffe bone.
  11. Mr. Graham is correct its all about hardenabilty of the steel. Things like geometry, thickness, grain structure, and quench medium all play a big role in achieving the desired results. For example- take a blade of W2 and forge it into a nice large chopper .275" thick at the spine and 2 " wide with a nice flat wedge shaped grind now normalize it 4-5 time with descending temps and quench from 1475 into a nice fast quench oil like Parks 50 and its going to through harden to a depth of about .130-.150 and any thing over that thickness is going to get some sporadic surface hardening but the mass in the spine should retain enough heat to beat the curve I was told long ago by a man much more experienced than me that you can thermal cycle to the point of not being able to harden, by refining the grain to far you can lower the hardenability to nothing. By using this and some trial and error you can have very repeatable results.
  12. Thanks guys . I have been doing alot of experimenting with the HT process and can get this kind of activity most of the time with " the Barons" W2 and 1075. The knife is done just waiting on the wife to finish up the sheath for it.
  13. Here is a knife I am finishing up for my nephew for Christmas. When we all got together for Turkey day he came up with this design and asked if it could be made and I said I would see what I could do. specs: blade: 8" of aldo bruno's finest W2 no clay and full quench in parks 50 handle: yellow & black G10 Uploaded with ImageShack.us
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