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  1. Clint

    boot knife

    a little boot dagger the damascus turned out good for a dagger, and ya this is the same knife the patterns are so derf. from each side LOL real nice balance gonna be a good thrower "from the boot" LOL
  2. This spoon fork and knife set is 500 layers of 1084,15n20 the line in this set are tight the pic's don't show all the lines there just too tight , i forged the knife some but with the lines being so tight i wanted to grind the knife more to show the lines inside the billet , i'm making 5 set for a civil war reenactment coming up in nov.
  3. LOL now that i look at the knife the guard is backwards glad i didn't glue the handle yet the bottom curve should be backwards LOL when God said brains i thought he said rain and ran in the house LOL.now its right
  4. I made this for a friend who does civil war reenactments so it had to look 1860's style fork & spoon and knife are made from some HHH damascus i'll make the sheath case for it by the weekend just wanted to show you all i still need to pin the knife handle but all in all its done. Darci helped sand some but trying to get a 15y/o filly to do anything these days is hard LOL
  5. This Billet has 360 layers of 1084-15n20 and man does it have lines its got BBB written all over it "Big Bowie Billet" this is 12.5" long 1.61" wide and .215 thick and for ....$135 + shipping you can have it YOU can PM me
  6. sorry I had a billet for sale didn't know where to put it i ended up in tool-supplies -materials sorry about putting it here now I hope I'm in the right place . Thanks Clint
  7. Hi everybody This is darci and this is my #9 knife and i would like to sell it to help a few friend out , Our Softball team has changed names "Long story" A better softball origination has taken our team to be part of there origination because "WE Kick there Butts every time we play them. Its good for us because there a lot bigger and play more games "bigger game" and have college scouts there all the time. Us girls are from a small town just outside of San Diego "Country girls " and theres 15 of us and we're starting to kick butt we've played with each other for our whole lives and on our
  8. Clint

    First razor

    finished grinding still need to sharpen also thinned out the handle as soon as the washers get here i'll pin it also need to gloss up the handle some just wanted to show a update
  9. OK this is my first razor i'll finish the grind today after i sell a knife in a few hours ,this is HHH damascus steel feather pattern i just saw razor in it i was going to start a pocket knife but just saw razor in this piece. the wood is bacote ,and as soon as i get some washers its going to geather What do you think ? right now it's a 8/8 but when i'm done with the grind i'm sure its gonna be thinner I'm using a 6" wheel for the hollow grind. . i'll finish the handle after i make sure the grind is right i left the handle fat until i know what size the razor will be i do plan on it being alot
  10. ok so i got to give this away tonight and still dont have it engraved its going to have his name on it and unit he was with in afgh. but i'll have to do that when he wants to give it up o well i was sanding the handle more and the wife asked me to help load the horse that would not go in the trailer so we butt wrapped him and sure as all get up he kicked and dislocated three of my fingers put them right in the palm of my hand it looked like they where gone but they just literally went into the palm of my hand . man that hurts so i pulled them out with a big three pops there back !!!!!! LOL so
  11. This knife is getting there I tell you hand sanding hardened 440 is hard I think i got the blade where i want it so now more on the handle today i dye the handle leather and drill the lanyard hole polish the end cap then polish the handle maybe all that today ,i've been building a tire carrier for the jeep so maybe i'll have this knife done this weekend maybe next i want the dye to dry real good and to tell you the truth i'm wore out hand sanding been at it for 8 hours now . anyways heres a look at the knife so far. the handle spacers are the afghanistan campaign ribbon colors and i tryed to m
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