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  1. Really like this one, Jim. Great work. Idle curiousity, do you also have a leather sewing machine, or is that hand stitching on the sheaths?
  2. Lovely lovely knife! Very nice blade. But that handle is the icing on the cake!
  3. Should the bear ever be created ... let me know? I would like the first crack at buying it. LOL! I think they all look great. I am interested to see what you had planned to do with the laptop cases. Can you sketch out a rough idea of what the product would look like? I would love to see the concept.
  4. Where did you get this from? Its an awesome looking little forge.
  5. Gudy!! AWESOME works man! I love the lines and grains in the handle of the second one. Really great work there. All three are beautiful and seductive in their own ways. Keep up the good work!
  6. Thats really a fun little piece. I like the twist in the spike!
  7. Great looking blade. I love the grooves. They turned out very nice. What are you thinking for the handle?
  8. Love it! Where did you get the wood?
  9. Digging the look! Great knife. Sorry, can't help with hamons. But love the look....
  10. Awesome blade ... LOVE the falcata! Great detail on the handle.
  11. I think its a great looking "short sword," Ray. You could argue those semantics for days ... but here is a link to a Philipino short sword video that resembles what you have there. http://www.ehow.com/video_4465993_retirada...shortsword.html Check it out. I love the look though, its a fun blade! Curly maple looks really cool. It incidently looks like one I have on the "to grind" pile right now.
  12. Very nice! Love the handle.
  13. Sorry about the picture size. I didnt realize I hadn't uploaded the smaller files. Pretty bad for a part time web manager and photo editor not to use the right files, huh? New files added! Thanks for looking!
  14. Trick of the light. Its kinda a small chip tip bowie style ... but MUCH thinner. Will try to post some more pictures. Yeah, I am about to work the tangs and get them ready for a handle. For the second knife, I got a antler handle with steel guard. Thinking brass and osage orange/walnut for the first one. Thanks for looking.
  15. Hey all - I just have a couple of photos to post from some knives I have started. They are both made out of some 1080 we had laying around. I have made these for a couple of friends of mine, and want some opinions. I am relatively new to making knives. These two being only my third and fourth to reach this stage of completion. Criticisms welcome!
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