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  1. I already bought three new blades from you guys and Paul this year ... what more do you want!? Awesome looking pieces. You guys seem to be on a scramasax kick lately. Having handled two or three of these now, you guys are making some REALLY nice blades.
  2. When all else fails ... I find that there are some decent suppliers on eBay. I have gotten some quality leather from Dangerous Threads ... I think that is the name.
  3. Great looking blade. Leather wrapped handles or nice hardwoods like osage or ebony are always good in my mind, whichever, but I see a nice pretty steel guard in the future.
  4. Neat stuff Ray! I like the top one alot.
  5. Greetings all! Quick question about wooden scabbards. I have been making a few of these off and on for daggers/knives I have been making ... some even for work my master smith has been doing. Overall with short blades I have been making fairly successful scabbards. However, I have now failed twice on two attempts for a 26 inch blade. Frustration has set in, so I am quitting for the evening. My process is probably the most simple ... 1. Find to slab pieces of red oak or poplar (Lowe's is GREAT for these). 2. Cut slabs to length 3. Draw a spot line for blade size. 4. Router table here I come ... 5. Gorilla Glue edges, clamp and let set. And here is my problem ... Gorilla Glue expands a bit when drying, and due to the length on the blade the glue has twice filled in my nicely routed area for the blade. Anyone have a different method or adhesive substance they use?
  6. Good looking blades there! I like the first with the dragonfly ... great detail.
  7. I can't wait to see it with the full mountings either! I saw several of the new pieces your group put out at Scarborough. The scramseax was gorgeous and really well balanced. I liked it alot. You also had some really good looking sabres. Keep it up!
  8. Hello everyone ... I didn't know where to post this question, but I figured this would be a decent place to start. I am a reenactor, and as such I am constantly looking for ways to cut down on cost of new weapons. This weekend, I was looking at several blades from different vendors at a faire I was at, and wondered to myself ... "Self, where do all these swords makers get the steel wire/fluting/piping to make their rapier guards?" I obviously could not answer myself ... more out of fear for what it means for my sanity ... but I still wondered if anyone knew where they get about a 1/4" steel wire that can either be heated and bent, or simply molded with wire benders? Thanks in advance!
  9. Something to consider that is WAY less money than that would be corian ... yeah, countertop. It polishes REAL easy and looks as close to ivory as I have ever seen. Only thing I will warn you about ... wear a dust mask when sanding and polishing ... the good industrial kind. The dust will choke you up for weeks, and is supposed to cause cancer or something like that. I will try to post pictures of my utility knife with a corian handle.
  10. Pretty little thing is right! Good looking knife there. Looking forward to seeing what you guys are bringing/sending to the Scarborough Ren Fest.
  11. Good looking axes, bud ... wish I had the time to pound something like this out.
  12. Pretty Ray. Love the axe. How much you selling that for, and is it already sold??
  13. I like this too ... keep us posted
  14. Nice pattern Clint! Keep em coming ...
  15. Must have overlooked this update ... Great looking knives, sir. I like the bottom one especially, nice beefy looking slicer. Keep it up. Can we get a close up of the pattern on the top one.
  16. So, you got a show coming up because I would LOVE to get a look at some of those knives. The work looks good, Ray! I wish my sheaths looked that good ... look like I need a bit more practice.
  17. Wonderful looking blade! Can't wait to see the fittings and finished piece.
  18. Never had the problem happen to me personally, but I have heard of it ... no suggestions here, sorry! I would buy the knife though. I like single edge long knives. This one with a bit of hardware reminds me of an old comic I used to read as a kid.
  19. BeautifuL! Great looking knife, Karl ... I love the ivory inlay, really great touch.
  20. Since I began working knives, I have discovered this is a personal preference. At least from everyone I have talked to. I personally turn the blade whichever direction the blade needs to be in order to accomplish the job. Specifically for the blade, I try to keep the lines running the same way, depending on the finish of the blade. If I am doing a mirror finish, I don't worry about this as much because the lines tend not to show through too much. If you have a particularly hard grind with the belt grinder, there is always the old fashioned way ... by hand.
  21. Great knife! Love the look on the guard. What method did you use on the hamon?
  22. That was more than I knew ... thanks Matt! Two more days till forging ...
  23. Those are EXACTLY what I found. Thanks for the pictures, I guess they are really common. As soon as I can get back to the forge ... hammer blows will fall. Thanks again for all the information and suggestions.
  24. I unfortunately have been playing catch up in the real world ... so I haven't gotten the pictures posted. I looked at the last post, and this steel looks nothing like that piece McKenzie found. I will do my best to get pictures posted tonight.
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