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  1. Sorry to hear this news; my sincere condolences.
  2. I haven't had good luck with that; I do have a pile of new belts to experiment on when i get a chance; I may try the Hipurformer (sp) type of High temperature hot melt glue.
  3. Nice work; how is your mark etched?
  4. I ordered some belts that are water resistant from McMaster Carr, so will see how they go. Thanks for the suggestions. I also ordered the parts i needed to continue my power hammer project.
  5. I added some more photos and a bio page; unfortunately, the more photos I add, the smaller they get.....need to figure that out.
  6. Nice fish! I am working on a shirasaya for a wakizashi I am polishing....and hunting for the rat that nearly jumped me on my workbench yesterday. He keeps stealing my microfiber towels trying to make a nest.
  7. This is one from some years back that i haven't posted; it is made from saw blade steel, possibly L7.
  8. It is constantly very humid in my shop, and usually 80 degrees plus F. TruGrit's rep told me that the glue they use doesn't like those conditions. I called when virtually all of an order that had been in the shop a while blew up on the machine. I am currently down to one old worn out belt, and need to order some new ones; i need some that will have some longevity as my production rate/usage is low but steady. Any recommendations? Right now I just plan on getting some 36 and 80 grit belts in 2x48 size for my Radiusmaster.
  9. Or you could just fill it with water......
  10. Aloha folks, I made a website and bought my domain name last night using Squarespace; it will be a work in progress as I add photos etc. Have a look if you are so inclined! www.oloteleforge.com.
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