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  1. SteveShimanek

    What did you do in your shop today?

    Put a new carb on a weedwhacker and got it running; pulled off the hydraulic cylinder for my air hammer project and disassembled, cleaned, primed, and reassembled it. I reamed the holes in one end cap to increase the air flow rate. The cylinder was made in Romania and was branded Chief and was painted red originally; i am considering naming the hammer "Big Chief" or some such.
  2. SteveShimanek

    Which hammer for me?

    That is funny, that a $30 hammer is considered expensive; I have spent $300 for a particular hammer. You have to consider that if the tool is purpose built and has a particular rebound, it can make you money. That is why I like the old Champion rounding hammers, the best hammer back when smiths made a living from their work. (Still looking for a 3 pound version of the Champion Maud S rounding hammer.)
  3. SteveShimanek

    What did you do in your shop today?

    I cleaned up my wood stock and reorganized all of my long handled tools the other day, freeing up some floor space. Yesterday was pretty rainy, so I wired up and secured my big compressor i bought last fall to supply my power hammer project.
  4. SteveShimanek

    What did you do in your shop today?

    Steven, mild steel is fine for tongs, you need to make some ASAP! Or buy some....
  5. SteveShimanek

    Hamon and Yakiba tsuchi

    Hi Julien, glad you found your way over here from the Nihonto Message Board!
  6. SteveShimanek

    First Reproduction Tanto

    Good first effort; depending on how old your farrier rasp was, it may only have been case hardened low carbon steel, which would not fully harden. Did you test any of it?
  7. SteveShimanek

    Okay yes this is going to be a DUMB question

    Just go for it Andy, and don't let the comments get to you; you will quickly find out if it works or not.
  8. SteveShimanek

    While looking at headhunter blades

    The designs are similar to some used in South Pacific tattoo designs.
  9. SteveShimanek

    While looking at headhunter blades

    Dude looks like no one to mess with; if you are into those kind of blades, check out the one used in the Apocalypse Now scene where the water buffalo is killed.
  10. SteveShimanek

    Belt grinder from Poland

    Very nice!
  11. SteveShimanek

    Wood choice for sayas

    Alder and poplar are better choices, along with magnolia. Plain white glue, original Titebond, or rice glue are mostly used.
  12. SteveShimanek

    I am VERY VERY pleased with this!!

    Glue joints on belts hate heat and humidity; I have had entire batches of new belts that broke as soon as i installed them. Makes it hard to buy many at a time, not knowing when or if they will self destruct. I talked with someone from Tru Grit about the problem, but he had no answers for me on how to salvage the situation. If anyone knows of a good way to reglue belts, please share.
  13. SteveShimanek

    I am VERY VERY pleased with this!!

    Beware the creeping Tool Addiction!
  14. SteveShimanek

    Just a thought on Japanese burnishing...

    The grain on the shinogiji on many swords tends to be rather open, and burnishing helps to somewhat close the grain and provide a brighter finish than stones can. I agree that burnishing has a negligible effect on hardness for parrying.....most sword schools taught to avoid sword to sword contact according to what i have been taught, though contact is common in kendo and bokken work.
  15. SteveShimanek

    Question regarding a forged finish with a stonewash

    Looks like the one in the game, you nailed it!