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  1. SteveShimanek

    A Stabby Damascus Blade

    Well doon lass!
  2. SteveShimanek

    What did you do in your shop today?

    Hey Vaughn, nice to see you over here, too! That candle holder is gorgeous!
  3. I missed this thread when it was originally posted; I am glad it was resurrected, as this is epic work! Just wow.
  4. SteveShimanek

    The start of a new blade WITH forged Bevels ~W.I.P.~

    Work on trying to get flat planes, and dress your hammer face to try to minimize hammer marks. Nice to see you making progress.
  5. SteveShimanek

    Spike knife fetish - 440 for the edge

    The coaxial machine gun on the tank is very effective in stopping opponents armed with spike knives......if not, the main 120 mm smoothbore gun will. You may want to come up with an alternate testing method. I am sure there will suggestions to follow!
  6. SteveShimanek

    Took The Summer Off

    Nice resto!
  7. SteveShimanek

    My initial journey into crucible steels.

    Epic thread, even my wife likes your crucible steel! Your results are impressive.
  8. SteveShimanek

    My adventure with the Japanese tanto, AKA raising the bar

    Looks great; for a first you have solved a lot of the problems that creep into complex designs such as this. Well done!
  9. SteveShimanek


    I have been there a while; I don't hang out there too often, or chime in much. I have not been threatened with banning or ridiculed (yet). I do consider myself a blacksmith/bladesmith, and recognize they both have some complex, complimentary skillsets. Sometimes noobs don't get much respect.
  10. SteveShimanek

    first ram's horn handle

    That looks good!
  11. SteveShimanek

    Simple Sgian Dubh

    I like it....makes me want to wear my kilt.
  12. SteveShimanek

    Giving a Knife a second Life!

    Nice job all around!
  13. SteveShimanek

    What did you do in your shop today?

    A good reorganization is sometimes needed to improve production!
  14. SteveShimanek

    Dad's design

    Very nice old school feel....
  15. SteveShimanek

    More questions on Belt sanders

    Wider belts make it easier to avoid making divots in blades.