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  1. Blue Winged Kookaburra

    Nice photo; I remember an old song from childhood about a kookaburra sitting in an old gum tree......
  2. Welding Machine?

    Assuming you have no experience in welding based on your question.....many people start using wire feed welders, MIG or flux core wire, such as the Lincoln Weld Pak series most big box stores carry. A lot depends on what you want to do with a welder; precision welds are usually done with TIG, other things with stick or MIG. Acetylene welding is still useful as well. What are your goals?
  3. What did you do in your shop today?

    I am in the process of building my foundry for metal casting; temporarily suspended as we recover from tropical cyclone Gita. My shop is fine, but rain was blown in under the eaves and flash rusted a bunch of equipment. Still waiting on water service to be restored; we lost power and water in the early morning hours on Friday.....power was restored mostly Sunday night, and yesterday to the shop. Lots of damage to infrastructure and houses, but personally I got off pretty lucky.
  4. My impression of a chisel knife

    Nicely done....great editing and a great blade. The glow in the dark handle is a nice touch.
  5. My latest knife made from 5160 leaf spring

    Nice fit and finish for a 7th knife.
  6. Toku'ish attempt

    Joel, that was a lot of hand work to clean up that blade, but it looks good now. Hope your quench goes well; don't overheat or use water!
  7. We Have LANDED

    You made O-6!? Awesome! I preferred my maroon beret to the black one, after they decided to steal the Ranger beret and make everyone badasses by default. Why did you leave the desert to become a Floridian?
  8. Belts!!

    Sounds like a good motor if you have 3 phase power or can install a phase converter, though some people may consider 1.5 hp lighter duty for a grinder.
  9. Need another draw shave.

    Put a few aside for bows.....
  10. Giant Tinsmith Snips

    Nice find.
  11. Almost stepped on a rattlesnake, again.

    Steven, you have a great "voice" in your writing, please continue!
  12. Might be focusing on work a bit too much

    Good one!
  13. Belts!!

    I deal with Tru Grit as well, but learned recently to not stock too many belts at once as the heat and humidity causes the glue joints to fail on "new" belts that were on the rack too long.
  14. That time

    Best wishes to all for 2018......
  15. Speaking of hammers---handles

    Last time I bought seconds from a handle factory from Ebay, lots of them cheap.