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  1. SteveShimanek

    W-2 Rounds

    I would believe you, but it seems a bit pricey.
  2. SteveShimanek

    Keeping etched blades "black"

  3. SteveShimanek

    First ever knife forged

    Nice job for a first effort; looks like wrought iron somewhat. Have fun!
  4. SteveShimanek

    My Next Commission--Schively/Perkins Bowie

    Coming along very nicely!
  5. SteveShimanek

    What did you do in your shop today?

    ^^Stop before requiring EMT intervention
  6. SteveShimanek

    What did you do in your shop today?

    Fixed my welding table that was warped from over welding the legs; doing a bunch of cleanup and organizing as well.
  7. SteveShimanek

    Oregon Knife Show - April 7th and 8th

    I also really admire Raymond Richard's work....any idea who was seated behind him? Were those stones for sale on that table? Great pictures of some great craftsmen; someday i would like to make it to that event.
  8. SteveShimanek

    Welding table DONT'S

    Here is the aftermath of the fix. I have had these casters for a long time, finally found their home.
  9. SteveShimanek

    Welding table DONT'S

    DON'T weld your plate steel top to the supporting structure; it will bow the top and material will not lay flat. I found this out the hard way, by welding my 3/4 inch 4' x 8' plate to 4 inch pipe legs, resulting in a 3/4 inch differential over 8 feet. Last night i cut the welds in place (some contortions and slag burns involved) and got the plate back to pretty much dead flat. Tacks are probably ok, but full penetration welds are not necessary and will cause a lot of distortion. Hope this helps ..... (will try to post pics later; Olotele Forge on youtube is my small channel that shows part of the build and flipping of the monstrosity with limited availability of proper rigging.)
  10. SteveShimanek

    Bladesmith's Anvil

    Stoody makes a hard facing wire; I used some in my mentor's shop to repair an old Swedish anvil.
  11. SteveShimanek

    Heat it up!!!

    Could take anvil shooting to a whole new level!
  12. SteveShimanek

    Fire gear carry knife

    new design looks great!
  13. SteveShimanek

    Power hammer with some elegant features

    That is a cool hammer!
  14. SteveShimanek

    Fire gear carry knife

    Have you considered doing away with the sharp tip and making it like a chisel point? Might be safer when turning, prying, etc. Glass breaker doesn't look functional intuit location, what about farther up on the blade for ergonomics.
  15. SteveShimanek

    What did you do in your shop today?

    I like the anvil setup in the foreground; what is the history on that anvil?