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  1. SteveShimanek

    Started my power hammer project

    Hi Ross; air operated hammers have a different mechanism than motor operated systems. The same basic form of helve style could be actuated using a motor and tire style clutch; however, mine will use a hydraulic cylinder in lieu of an air cylinder, which is then actuated with roller valves and an air gate with the treadle serving to start and vary the strokes.
  2. SteveShimanek

    2 x 48” multitool grinder attachment

    The Craftsman and the Dayton from Grainger were the same machine; i had one as my first grinder and it was ok for what it was. I gave it away when i moved from Hawaii due to lack of space in the container...the Grizzly is probably a better deal. I am using a Radiusmaster 2x48 since 2011 which is nice for a small shop as it has a small footprint.
  3. SteveShimanek

    Packhorse trip in Wyoming

    Wow, looks like a great trip; did you bring a fly rod? Hit any lakes?
  4. SteveShimanek

    Simply damascus friction folder

    Very nice!
  5. SteveShimanek

    Started my power hammer project

    The other thing about the way i have set this machine up is that i am not using the full stroke of the cylinder (using maybe 1/2) so the whole cylinder is not being filled and exhausted; this also should enable harder hits as there is lots of stroke left when the die bottoms out.
  6. SteveShimanek

    Started my power hammer project

    Regarding the usefullness of a lathe; i bored out the inner diameter of some washers to fit over the 1 inch pin at the bottom of the cylinder, eliminating a drive down the mountain to look for hardware. Very handy!
  7. SteveShimanek

    Started my power hammer project

    Maybe, maybe not....sometimes you have to use what you have and then deal with the results. The beauty of designing and building your own machine is that it can be re-engineered if necessary. Gracias por su opinion.
  8. SteveShimanek

    Tim Jackson

    You have a unique style for a beginning smith; that is very nice and I can see you building a following!
  9. SteveShimanek

    best shipping merchant

    USPS flat rate boxes are the best deal for me usually; shipping from Australia can be expensive as I found when i needed a wheel for my grinder, but USPS ships all over and I find it to be pretty affordable. We don't even have UPS here; when vendors insist on using them to ship to me (which I try to talk them out of) UPS just puts it in the USPS mail for delivery.
  10. SteveShimanek

    Started my power hammer project

    Lots of good u tube vids on lathe running; i am still learning myself, but it is not too complicated for simple things like bushings. I still regret selling my milling drill press some moves back; having one would complete my shop setup.
  11. SteveShimanek

    First attempt at a mosaic

    Plus 2 on Joshua's comment, plus add a WHOA to Alan's DUDE!
  12. SteveShimanek

    Wish me luck

    Have good luck and a quick recovery...
  13. SteveShimanek

    Funny moment at the forge

    A differential quench may help, such as the Japanese do by claying the blade. What are you trying to accomplish?
  14. SteveShimanek

    Started my power hammer project

    Lathes are handy when you need to make your own bushings. Treadle is the next item to make, then prep and paint before buying and installing the air controls. I have just under a month into the project so far, and am probably under $100 so far, as most of this was recycled stuff from the scrap yard and repurposed and refabricated. Ram weight is 46 pounds and travel is just under 11 inches. Everything feels and sounds very solid.
  15. SteveShimanek

    Started my power hammer project

    After mulling a bunch of ideas, i ended up using a couple of 2x8s with a 2x spacer to block off the holes in the column, and filled the remaining space with a sand/gravel mix. Took out the ringing added, weight, and i can still drill through the column for fixtures if needed. Made parts for connecting the cylinder to the frame and the spring. Pictures to follow.