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  1. The linseed oil is pre-boiled by the maker and is usually found in hardware stores and home renovation places in the paint department. Don't let rags soaked in linseed oil accumulate as there is a risk of spontaneous combustion (fire).
  2. Score!
  3. The jackhammer bits used in large excavators make an excellent post anvil; I found mine at a scrap yard.
  4. Try posting this on the Nihonto Message Board if interest is not here.
  5. That is a nice blade in shirasaya for a nice price!
  6. Love those lines!
  7. Nearest Walmart.....2500 miles, $1600 round trip airfare crammed into a flying sardine can. I remember when Gold Beach did not have ANY traffic lights. Those were the days....
  8. As far as logistics goes, the back eddy of the West Coast is faster than the back eddies of the South Pacific......
  9. I have been getting tooling in for my metal lathe, and looking for a suitable body to build a refractory furnace for casting aluminum for lathe projects.
  10. Nice work Colonel!
  11. That looks great! I like the blade/handle angle, and the patina. Looks like a good chopper.
  12. The amount of water necessary to thin the mix enough to be sprayable will ensure the rapid failure of the lining, IMO. Have you considered using a cardboard or similar form to cast the lining in place?
  13. Hi Vern, welcome to the Forum; I spent some of my grade school days in Gold Beach at Riley Creek (early 70s), but don't recall if our paths have crossed. I seem to recall that there is or was another blade smith in that area, but don't remember who. I will bet that cable damascus will be in your future as old logging cable is readily available. Michael Bell and his son are blade smiths up north in Coquille and use a lot of cable. Have fun and post some of your work.
  14. Great "shots"!
  15. I thought Vulcan as well. Someone with some time and Anvils of America could probably narrow it down.