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  1. SteveShimanek

    Super quench. Some data.

    Wayne, i am unclear how tempering would refine grain growth, since the temperatures for tempering are so much lower than normalizing temperatures. Can you please explain this?
  2. SteveShimanek

    Shop floor grinding dust?

    My condolences as well; we just got through with a Samoan funeral for my wife's cousin who was a high talking chief...it was a huge event that went for days.
  3. SteveShimanek


    Wild guess......Turkish late 1800s/WW1? It looks somewhat similar to the Turk modified german ersatz bayonets.
  4. SteveShimanek

    Culver Inspired (Copied) Slipjoint

    That is a beauty, and an engineering marvel!
  5. SteveShimanek

    I'm a potato when it comes to making knives...

    66 pounds is a fairly light anvil; do you have it secured so it is not bouncing around? That might make it harder to forge straight blades.
  6. SteveShimanek

    Beginners beware

    I paid $153 for a 100 pound tank delivered.
  7. SteveShimanek

    Fogg/Kelso Hunter

    Smacked it right out of the park...........
  8. SteveShimanek

    I need some advice on small castings

    Consider Delft silver casting clay; you form your piece then bake it in the oven and the silver is left (or so I hear).
  9. SteveShimanek

    first knife on new grinder

    That is a good looking knife and sheath.
  10. SteveShimanek

    Cutler's anvil

    Maybe traction for a rawhide mallet? Wouldn't want any oopses on the nose job....
  11. SteveShimanek

    A few hours on the forge this morning

    Blacksmith say 10 minutes forging beats 1/2 hour of grinding.
  12. SteveShimanek

    [Picture Hvy] Some of my Orishigane for Japanese Blades.

    Lots of good work there.
  13. SteveShimanek

    First knife attempt... Tanto

    Very nice first one!
  14. SteveShimanek

    Pro pic, make me look really good

    Very nice, Geoff!
  15. SteveShimanek

    When Its Your Time...

    If you ain't breaking', you ain't making'.......