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  1. We must be living in alternate dimensions....:)
  2. Fixed the steering on my riding mower and got the hydraulic variable speed drive on my metal lathe working.
  3. Dagnabit, I was still off??!!
  4. So, how was the show? My timing should be better now....
  5. When i was using a homemade charcoal forge, I used a hair dryer for air and inserted it into one end of a T fitting, with a swiveling brass plate directly across the T and a pipe going to the tuyere; this allows regulation of air into the tuyere, like Alan said. Don't have access to my pictures due to Photobucket changes.
  6. Very nice! Good luck at the show, and don't forget me if you see any tasty Japanese pointy things that need some TLC.
  7. When using charcoal as fuel, the fire must be deep and the fuel must be in small pieces, around 1/2 x 1/2 or so. Too much air will cool your hot spot too much. Try to have at least 4 to 6 inches of fuel above your piece you are heating. I would not use the grate shown in your photo, it is not necessary in my opinion.
  8. Ordered from TruGrit a while back to have some belts on hand; very hot humid environment here. Belts were stored in the house, average temperature 80 degrees F. Every one of the new belts blew almost immediately, very costly and annoying. TruGrit had no suggestions, only that the belts have a very short shelf life and don't do well in my environment. I am hoping to find a glue that will let me use them but no luck so far.
  9. Nice ayasugi hada. Hope the polish goes well.
  10. Hi Josh, the plan on the forges is to scoot them forward on the grate or turn them sideways if needed; ventilation is the 8x10 foot door and the ventilation/extraction fan above. If needed i will make a floor stand which the forge can be placed on as well. Getting stuff off of the floor helps make the best use of limited space; shop is about 24 x 24 but there is a lot of stuff in it, including the 4 x 8 fab table.
  11. Did some rearranging and getting things where they will be functional; had an old stainless grate that i set up for a hot work bench.
  12. And actually, i did NOT fry the phase converter.....found that the forward/reverse switch wires were fried before i got the lathe, replaced the wiring, and now have a functioning engine lathe!
  13. Fried my static phase converter while trying to hook up my lathe
  14. Looks like wrought to me
  15. Some good deals on that CDCO site; thanks, Clifford.