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  1. Guitars are like hammers; they all have different uses and it is difficult to just stop at one.......I have an acoustic folk, a banjo, an electric bass, an acoustic 12 string, electric 6 string Les Paul clone, a Danelectro reissue, and a hollow body electric 335 I built from a kit. My name is Steve and I have a guitar problem
  2. Bending the knees is usually preferable to bending at the back, to keep the back straight and minimize stressors.
  3. I am currently away from my shop, getting some medical advice for my wife in New Zealand. Hope to make a shop visit and see the sights while here.
  4. I tried the cherry flavored moonshine last night; one sip straight, and the rest with Coke and ice....we call it a Cherry Bomb. Pretty good stuff.
  5. I run my platen slightly recessed from the wheels on my Radiusmaster.
  6. Happy Birthday; watch out for arkancide:/
  7. A squirrel cage fan will not push well against back pressure.....if you have second hand stores in your area, look for cheap hair dryers and try them until you get the air blast you want. Check your fuel line for clogging; if you are using waste oil, there is junk in there maybe. A lot of guys using waste oil burners use a propane line to get up to heat before switching to the waste oil. Don't give up, you will figure it out with some experimentation. Keep an ABC fire extinguisher handy.
  8. We just got something new in the local PX, Firefly brand moonshine, in 3 or 4 different flavors; I bought a jar of the Apple Pie flavor.....quite good for sippin'.
  9. Nice lines, welcome back.
  10. Thanks for supporting veterans! US Army / USAR 1983-1998 Desert Shield/ Desert Storm
  11. Even though I wear my safety glasses in the shop, I have been using goggles over them, in part due to your injury....always good to use as much safety gear as possible. Glad you are ok.
  12. CFM of old fan vs new fan?
  13. Nice work on the bell stand, Don; quite an honor to work on something of historical substance. I am related to the Gregory family of Cades Cove.
  14. https://youtu.be/5WMwJ1qpApU Here is the one I built; it has some ideas from others i have seen as well as some original ideas. The main parts of the frame and the hydraulic cylinder were industrial scrap, in keeping with the junkyard hammer theme.
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