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  1. Propane forge troubleshooting

    Increase your air intake adapters and orifice size to .035, close off front and back openings somewhat, and the forge should start to put out some radiant heat from the lining, not just from the burners.
  2. Propane forge troubleshooting

    Volume of the interior of forge seems large to me, and the burners too small; reducing the interior size or increasing the bore of the burner tubes should help. The size of the reducers seems a bit small and may be reducing the amount of air mixing with the fuel. Closing up the door opening some should help as well. I would try to get the gas arrangement centered to keep the gas flow as equal as possible going to each burner. What is your orifice size?
  3. Cheap Sword Quench Tank!

    For a horizontal sword quench tank as in Japanese style quenching, I use an old oxygen tank with a slot cut in it. When not in use, it can be stored vertically to save space.
  4. reverse kasaki

    I think most swords would be around 2 pounds more or less. Going from memory, the back of the blade is ground toward the edge.....research Satsuma-age. Hope it helps; how about some photos?
  5. The Hounds are baying...something is amiss!

    I am REALLY glad i don't have to find one of those outside my door!
  6. Cfm for electric blower

    When i was using a home built charcoal forge, a hair dryer was plenty of air; in fact, i rarely used the full flow even with the hair dryer set on low....I set the dryer in a T fitting with a sliding plate over the other end to control the flow going to the tuyere.
  7. My latest and last work for awhile

  8. I feel violated

    Maybe he "quenches" in alcohol.
  9. I feel violated

    You mean water does not erupt in flames when quenching??!!
  10. Therapy Dagger: A little PW Dagger

    Love that copper; I am always inspired by your work. Hope you get into smoother waters soon.
  11. ABANA Conference 2018, Richmond, Virginia

    When is the conference (date)? Nice hawk.
  12. Kydex without Thermoforming foam?

    Yoga mat? Sleeping pad for camping?
  13. Vorace, (hungry) another XVIII b

    Fit for a king!
  14. antique wootz finish problem

    In my opinion it is inherent in the material; i do not think you could have changed the heat treatment by hand sanding. My opinion is free, so take it for what it is worth
  15. Another score

    Nice score! I just was gifted a couple of nice A2 blocks that I intend to use for dies on a future power hammer build.....you might be able to use some of yours for punches for decorative work. You are quite the lucky man.