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  1. I have a decent stash of koa from living in Hawaii; I use to buy offcuts from the furniture industry, and cut and milled some from trees that fell across forest roads on Kauai that had been left to rot. Recycling is good.
  2. Good points; most likely the blade handle industry is a small part of the market, but it is good to be aware and try to keep our impact as low as possible. Hard to convince people in the 3rd world though.
  3. That is a very evocative pattern; looking forward to the finished piece!
  4. Couldn't find a PM button for you Geoff; what would you consider a fair price for this distressed sword?
  5. Geoff, can't see a pm button; what would you consider a fair price for that distressed sword?

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    2. Geoff Keyes

      Geoff Keyes

      OK, the blade is in the mail.  Postage is 21.85.  Tracking # 9505 8159 1316 9330 2169 37

      Good luck and take pictures

    3. SteveShimanek


      Thanks Geoff, money sent; I will send pics. Regards, Steve

    4. Geoff Keyes

      Geoff Keyes

      We received the payment, thanks


  6. I might, Geoff....sending you a pm.
  7. That is a rapid change of season, be safe out there. 80 F and sunny/partly cloudy here in Am Sam.
  8. Picked the wrong door to kick in.....
  9. Quoting Hank Hill loosely; "You got to get yourself some propane!"
  10. Must have been a heckova sneeze!
  11. Watch out Geoff, we don't want you to get any nicknames like Stumpy!
  12. Good start, but it sounds like a bit of overkill on the insulation and air supply. I made a heat treat forge for swords from a 100 lb propane tank, and my air supply is just a blower fan, which is usually not even ran at full delivery. A leaf blower, even throttle down, will probably be way more air than needed, and annoyingly loud on top of that.I will get a rating off my fan if possible and post it. Pipe size is possibly the issue.
  13. Very clean work, Rob, looking good. I was looking for something else and ran across a piece of wrought that i am going to use for a Japanese style hammer....now that i have made an eye punch and a drift, i have no excuse not to make it. Good inspiration and love the shop dog photo!
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