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  1. this weekend we have a special on animals 3.bmp 41.bmp 59.bmp 156.bmp 516_.bmp 51458.bmp 56130.bmp 62356.bmp 1658419.bmp 621581458.bmp bunny.bmp polar_bear.bmp untitled.bmp untitled00.bmp untitled65.bmp
  2. well there you go now its your turn anything you find funny, facinating, cool, or interesting post.
  3. life is to serious. everyone is always worrying about there job/school/money/family/grades/taxes/friends/enemys/pets and how to score that power hammer without giving up your car i like to take time at night to "collect" funny pics of the internet. here are the fruits of my work have a laugh
  4. i think i know what you mean very beutiful axe
  5. oh my god. i have like three springs, but i thought they were to small to use. thanks for the insperation.
  6. that is the kind of thing that makes little kids stare and adults do a doulbe take.
  7. ouch please tell me you dulled the pionts.
  8. you could always buy the one burner config. and replace the stock burner with one from hybrid burners. a t-rex burner would easlily reach welding temp and probably use less fuel.
  9. i would go with the 100. but is there anything wrong with ice build up?
  10. i recently came across this book "the razor edge book of sharpening" the author has some good tips about sharpening but one or two things realy get to me. this guy says that your not suposed to use oil on your hone because it gives a "supuriore(sory about the spelling) edge" most profesional bladesmiths and knifemakers i have read about stress the point of using oil on your hone so help me sort out this mess that hapening inside my confused head
  11. you could use the lion bone to decorate the scabbard maybe even arange the pieces in the shape of a roaringf lions head.
  12. hi my names ethan nice to meet you. ( i dont know you yet) glad your back in one piece.
  13. oh my god.....................................................ewww i just drooled all over myself.
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