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  1. very nice katana better than i can do. you might be able to stop the deep scatches by just useing a finer grit on your grinder. also by not pressing to hard and using long even strokes.
  2. you could always go the japanese way. take old rice (one day old) and mash it up while adding water until you get a paste like substance. the good thing about this stuff is it will hold up very well and if the inside of the scabbard gets dirty for any reason you can snap it apart, clean it, reaply the paste and reglue it together.
  3. about the grizly, sorry but i live in hawaii shiping would be like 100 dollars. would a 1/2 hp motor be sufficent to grind knives after i shaped them on the anvil. http://www.grizzly.com/outlet/G1013
  4. thanks for the advice both of you. last nite after i posted this i actualy found this http://www.amazon.com/Delta-SA180-Shopmast...433&sr=1-25 on amazon. i heard that delta is a top quality brand.
  5. i need help finding a beltgrinder that is reliable but cheap(100 to 200$). i know that this is barley any money but its all i have to work with.
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