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  1. Beautiful work! The blade looks great too
  2. AWESOME!! That pattern seems to move, very cool
  3. Looks great Wade, another awesome piece
  4. That beautiful ,Great work Stephan
  5. Thats turning out awesome! Cant wait to see her all finished, thanks for the WIP
  6. Looks awesome, nice pattern manipulation
  7. Wow, this blade looks fierce, great engraving too
  8. Looks great, awesome pattern!
  9. Thanks, befor this I hadnt done more than 3 either. All Im hoping for is the added grain refinement ( if any ) will out cut the triple quenched 5160 blade, and still be as tough. I just want perfection, is that too much to ask for?
  10. Looks killer, lets see the knife. Is that just a random pattern or did you manipulate it special?
  11. Thanks, this was my first time dying antler so I was a little worried how it might turn out, but overall Im pleased with it. I dont know if the extra hardening cycles will make the blade perform any better (or worse) then a triple edge quench, but I figured Id give it a try.
  12. Looks great, beautiful carving
  13. Wow! That steel is awesome! Great craftsmanship
  14. Heres a new hunter Ive been working on, finaly finished. Blade was stretched from 1" John Deere L&D shaft (5160) and given several flash normalizing cycles during forging and 3 full normalizing cycles after befor annealing. The guard and pommel are some beautiful antique wrought iron from an 1800's wagon wheel rim, and the handle is dyed elk antler and stacked leather. Shes a hand full, but has a great grip and palm swell. I did an experiment, forged thick, and edge quenched this blade 6 times with freeze cycles between hardenings. I didnt take pictures but the visual transformation of the steel between the first and last quench was amazing. After the 3rd quench she had the grainy "wootzy" pattern we all know and love, but by the 6th quench, freeze and end tempering the steel looked incredible, barely any visible grain but almost a crystaline appearance. Im goin to do some testing and see if it helped the performance. Il repolish and etch later and see if I cant get some good pics of the temper lines. Shes razor sharp and ready for work. Glad to hear what you think! OAL 11.25" Blade-6" Satin finished for now
  15. Beautiful work Jake! Your carvings are outstanding
  16. Definately the Norton Blaze up to 120 grit, then I switch over to Norax belts all the way to 5x. They cost a lil more, but they last a lot longer
  17. Looks awesome Bob, glad to see your back. Keep 'em coming
  18. She looks great Sam, good to see her finished.
  19. I realy like that little one, thats a grat finish. I finaly got some cold blue so Im gonna give it a try. Whats the sheath material? realy cool effect
  20. I love wootz! Great work, excellent pattern
  21. Good lookin work. Nice lookin sheaths too. Keep it up
  22. Those both look great Wade! What happened, did you kill all the gators Realy nice sheath work too
  23. Looks cool, did you ever think of cold blueing it?
  24. Great lookin knife Robert, I just started working with the rayskin myself, its realy some tough and pretty stuff, great work
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