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  1. Work. Sleep. Work. Sleep. Laundry! Work. Sleep. My existence is pretty sad right now. No days off for over a month now. Knives have stopped entirely for the time being.

    1. JM Wands

      JM Wands

      sleep? you are spoiled,,,

    2. Brandon Buford

      Brandon Buford

      I seem to be in that same rut. I have so many ideas and several knives to finish but everytime I seem to have a free day or time, something comes up more "important". Oh well, this week is clear for me. Hope to finish two knives.


  2. Just spent over half the day, with a friend, replacing the exterior faucets so they don't freeze this winter. 82 sounds fabulous about now.

  3. Second "required" Saturday at work, with another one probable next weekend. When am I going to finish the commission that's due in a week?

    1. JM Wands
    2. B. Norris

      B. Norris

      Hopefully but, there is just no way it will be finished in time.

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