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  1. Do you close off the back end of the pipe?
  2. The man from bader grinder said to only buy what you would use in 6 months and that it was good to store them in a plastic bag in a climate controlled area.
  3. Alan what was your favorite restaurant that burnt? I have not been to a lot of restaurants in that area. But my favorite to get a really good steak is the Alamo. It was rebuilt after the fire.
  4. Does anyone know where I can find some tutorials or info on dressing hammer faces for bladesmithing? Thanks, Doug
  5. Aiden how do you straighten warped blades?
  6. Your sheath looks really good. Stitching is very uniform and straight. If you are not going to have a loop around the handle, I like for my sheath to be a little longer so the knife can go in deeper. I like for about 2 fingers of the handle to stick out the top so there is no chance of it falling out. Over all it looks great. Doug Jn. 3:16
  7. Thanks Men, I am going to use this when I go to other shops that don't have enough light for my old eyes.
  8. anybody use a headlamp for grinding that they would recommend? Thanks, Doug Jn. 3:16
  9. Villa Rica/Carrollton,Ga/East Al. Georgia Custom Knifemakers Fall Meeting The next GA Custom Knifemakers' Guild meeting will take place on Saturday, October 20th at Koinonia, 189 Sandhill-Hulett Rd. Villa Rica, GA. This is just off I-20 past Douglasville. The meeting is being hosted by Scott Garrison. We held a meeting at this location last fall and it was a very enjoyable event. We look forward to another great GA Guild meeting. Don't forget to bring something for Iron-in-the Hat. Lunch will be served. See you 9:00-3:00, Dave Smith will demo inlays, Dirk Loots will demo Scrimshaw. Scott will have a forge setup for the kids.
  10. its hard to imagine why someone would weld that bar to the anvil. Doug Jn. 3:16
  11. I believe I would go ahead and drill the pin holes in the handle and screw the blade down with a screw just to be sure the blade couldn't get thrown when i was grinding. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6HMnTEJxaz8&t=6s
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