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  1. Doug Adams

    Head Lamp

    Thanks Men, I am going to use this when I go to other shops that don't have enough light for my old eyes.
  2. Doug Adams

    Head Lamp

    anybody use a headlamp for grinding that they would recommend? Thanks, Doug Jn. 3:16
  3. Villa Rica/Carrollton,Ga/East Al. Georgia Custom Knifemakers Fall Meeting The next GA Custom Knifemakers' Guild meeting will take place on Saturday, October 20th at Koinonia, 189 Sandhill-Hulett Rd. Villa Rica, GA. This is just off I-20 past Douglasville. The meeting is being hosted by Scott Garrison. We held a meeting at this location last fall and it was a very enjoyable event. We look forward to another great GA Guild meeting. Don't forget to bring something for Iron-in-the Hat. Lunch will be served. See you 9:00-3:00, Dave Smith will demo inlays, Dirk Loots will demo Scrimshaw. Scott will have a forge setup for the kids.
  4. Doug Adams

    Anvil weight question.

    its hard to imagine why someone would weld that bar to the anvil. Doug Jn. 3:16
  5. Doug Adams

    A good belt grinder under 300$ ?

    I believe I would go ahead and drill the pin holes in the handle and screw the blade down with a screw just to be sure the blade couldn't get thrown when i was grinding. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6HMnTEJxaz8&t=6s
  6. Doug Adams

    A good belt grinder under 300$ ?

    Check out these videos.
  7. Doug Adams

    Starting a New Mosaic

    That looks great!!
  8. Doug Adams

    1750's style french trappers knife WIP

    thanks, enjoying this very much. d. adams Jn. 3:16
  9. Doug Adams

    still working - pweld dao

    Great work! Good to hear from you. Doug Jn. 3:16
  10. Doug Adams

    Hupmobile leaf spring come back to Life!

    Raymond that is a great looking knife. Always love seeing your work. Doug John 3:16
  11. Doug Adams

    knife hardness

    Kreg, Matthew Parkinson of Dragons Breath Forge sells an 8 piece comparative hardness test chisel set 50HRC to 64HRC. They go up 2 points of hardness for each one. Like the rest of these guys have said it is more than just a number. Hardness will need to be different for different kinds of knives. Their purposes, grinds. Whether you want an easier to sharpen knife or one that will hold an edge longer. I want to make 2 knives just alike and temper one softer and one harder and see the difference. thanks everyone for the info, Doug Jn. 3:16
  12. Doug Adams

    knife hardness

    Vern, What hardness would you make the kitchen knife for his wife? Thanks, Doug Jn. 3:16
  13. Doug Adams

    knife hardness

    What is the good of having a way to check hardness if you don't know about how hard you want blades? Thanks, Doug
  14. Doug Adams

    knife hardness

    thanks vern, I do have a way to check hardness. The info I am looking for is what kind of knives would be 57 and what kind would be 62 and in between. Just general info. I guess a kitchen knife would be high and a chopper on the lower end. There is a lot of difference in a 57 and 62. Would a machete be lower than 57? That is the kind of stuff I am looking for. Thanks, Doug
  15. Doug Adams

    knife hardness

    where is a good place to find info on how hard different kinds of knives should be? Doug Jn. 3:16