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  1. Doug Adams

    still working - pweld dao

    Great work! Good to hear from you. Doug Jn. 3:16
  2. Doug Adams

    Hupmobile leaf spring come back to Life!

    Raymond that is a great looking knife. Always love seeing your work. Doug John 3:16
  3. Doug Adams

    knife hardness

    Kreg, Matthew Parkinson of Dragons Breath Forge sells an 8 piece comparative hardness test chisel set 50HRC to 64HRC. They go up 2 points of hardness for each one. Like the rest of these guys have said it is more than just a number. Hardness will need to be different for different kinds of knives. Their purposes, grinds. Whether you want an easier to sharpen knife or one that will hold an edge longer. I want to make 2 knives just alike and temper one softer and one harder and see the difference. thanks everyone for the info, Doug Jn. 3:16
  4. Doug Adams

    knife hardness

    Vern, What hardness would you make the kitchen knife for his wife? Thanks, Doug Jn. 3:16
  5. Doug Adams

    knife hardness

    What is the good of having a way to check hardness if you don't know about how hard you want blades? Thanks, Doug
  6. Doug Adams

    knife hardness

    thanks vern, I do have a way to check hardness. The info I am looking for is what kind of knives would be 57 and what kind would be 62 and in between. Just general info. I guess a kitchen knife would be high and a chopper on the lower end. There is a lot of difference in a 57 and 62. Would a machete be lower than 57? That is the kind of stuff I am looking for. Thanks, Doug
  7. Doug Adams

    knife hardness

    where is a good place to find info on how hard different kinds of knives should be? Doug Jn. 3:16
  8. Doug Adams

    Pre-Blade Show Carcass Splitter

    They look great James! Look forward to seeing you at the blade show. Doug Jn. 3:16
  9. Doug Adams

    Blue Winged Kookaburra

    man it has a big head and beak.
  10. Doug Adams


    Great work! Glad to see it again. Doug Jn. 3:16
  11. Doug Adams

    HT oil 1084/15n20

    Thanks Alan. Merry Christmas Doug Jn. 3:16
  12. Doug Adams

    HT oil 1084/15n20

    what happens when you do 1084 in parks 50?
  13. Doug Adams

    Spring steel won't skate a file

    If you put a sand tray in a toaster oven for tempering do you bury the blade, lay it on the sand, or stick it edge down in the sand? Thanks, Doug John 3:16
  14. Doug Adams

    Hardness tester

    john which model do most of the knife makers use? Thanks, Doug Jn. 3:16
  15. The Guild will be hosting a knifemakers meeting on Saturday, October 21st. The public is welcome to attend. There will be forging demos and the opportunity to meet custom knifemakers and see handmade knives. Paul Brach, finalist from Forged in Fire, will be forging a hunting knife. Scott Garrison will be forging tongs. After the meeting, youth will have an opportunity to forge some metal. There will also be a raffle for a handmade custom knife and knifemaking materials. Location (between Carrollton and Villa Rica off Hwy 61): Koinonia 189 Sandhill-Hulett rd. Villa Rica, Ga. Coffee and sweets will be available in the morning and lunch will be served.