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  1. If your bolt holes are bigger than your bolts it could let it move a little. You might try a couple of dial pins.
  2. Very nice! I saw James Gibson make a set of tongs based on the same idea as yours but a little different shape. This was at bowie's hammer in. James said he saw a swedish guy make some on youtube like them. I looked for it on youtube but never did find it.
  3. What is that stuff that looks like sand they are throwing on it and what does it do?
  4. Did they ever make those in the U.S. ?
  5. Great videos. What kind of rock where they making the grinding wheels from?
  6. Looks good David! What do you use to blacken the blade?
  7. What a great opportunity for someone!
  8. Here comes the quarterly Georgia Custom Knifemakers Guild meeting! The socail is Friday evening August 23. The meeting is Saturday morning August 24th. We are getting excited at Pops Knife Supply. We have a very exciting day planned. We have excellent demonstrations, and special guests coming from out of state. There will be several tents out front with knives for sale. Dan Eastland will be set up. Olde Towne Cutlery will have a booth set up. Dirk Loots will be offering his photography services. Amy at Warlander Leather will be showing off her excellent sheaths. Of course Pops will be there to sell you supplies if you need them. And finally, lunch will be served as well. The meeting is at the Pops Knife Supply shop, and starts at around 8 ish. Hope to see you all there!! Please bring yourself a chair This is also the home of Andy Roy's Fiddleback Forge. 5450 Technology Pkwy, Suite 700, Braselton, GA.
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