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  1. Jesus,


    Hi I use the Trend Airshield Pro and love it. I got it off Amazon and paid significantly less than 600 for it. I wear glasses and can't deal with fogged up lenses that come with the typical half face versions or standard type masks...this full face, fresh air keeps my glasses clean, first of all, and fog free. I clean the filters with compressed air and use them again and again.

  2. If you are only hunting deer-sized game, those broadheads will be OK...having been a bowhunter for nearly 45 years now taking my fair share of animals - its my opinion that blade shape is not conducive to penetration. It is entirely too abrupt an angle for any contact with bone especially on elk, moose, caribou, or bears as well as feral hogs.


    Remember please you are dealing with a living creature, and consideration for that fact urges one to exercise extreme care in the design and planning of the most important component in a bow kill, so that when a less than perfect hit happens you have given yourself the best possible chance for recovery- and that means a great blood trail...and those only come when you have two holes. A field point will kill on a perfect shot- but a marginal hit requires greater efficiency.


    I have used 58 RC single bevel broadheads for the last 20 years called Grizzlies...designed by Harry Elburg. My friend Ed Ashby has performed exhaustive research on animal carcasses in Africa to test penetration- called the Natal Study. The Grizzly was the only head that did not fail during those trials, which were over several years and thousands of test shots with both modular and fixed heads of all makes. The grizzly is a 3 to 1 ratio head, meaning it's 3 times as long as it is wide.


    Also KE is not the most important measurement for efficiency- it's momentum. That's going to be a bigger friend than kinetic energy. And that's why a heavier arrow will always outpenetrate a lighter one given everything else being equal.


    In addition the single bevel provides an advantage on bone hits, cracking and splitting bone rather than just 'sticking' in, which can also be a big advantage. Additionally, if you will attempt to maximize the FOC of your arrows by adding significant tip weight to what I assume will be carbon arrows, you'll see greater momentum and penetration efficiencies as a result. Good luck

  3. I was watching something on the History Channel recently that theorized the Vikings may have actually traded with Persians, so the single edge persian look to the blade might make a great deal of sense in that context. It may have been the Ulfberht (sp?) show?? My wife is Persian, and walked by the computer while I was looking at the blade pics and my wife said, "hey, who's building a Persian sword"?????

  4. That's quite a knife for your first- Wow. I like the design very much. I was on line looking at stuff on facebook a couple weeks ago...and saw this and was reminded of it when I saw your photo today. Both yours and this one are sort of reminiscent of the French Duk-Duk in many ways





    8 7/8" OAL



    Differentially H/T'ed RC 59

    416 SS guard

    peened 3/32" 416 SS pin

    Exhibition Grade Desert Ironwood


    320 grit hand sanded finish.


    SOLD!!! Thank you for looking. Price includes shipping and insurance, as well as zippered soft case


    Email me for additional questions or concerns at rayhammond01@yahoo.com


    Please excuse the lint on the blade showing in the "tree photo". I assure you the blade is clean as a whistle


    Thank you for looking


    ironwood on tree.jpg

  6. Pink ivory often looks like bubble gum, but after exposure to the sun it darkens significantly in my experience, like osage does.


    I've a Dale Dye recurve with a pink ivory riser that was an awful pink when I first opened the box, but within a month had begun to move toward a soft orange brown- really beautiful.

  7. I think the blade is wonderful.


    I'm going to say something that may not be well received...I'm no expert knife maker...but I have an artistic eye and an opinion from that perspective...and it's only one person's way of looking at it but....


    To my eye the handle wood selection is "fighting' with the blade, which is without doubt the "star" of this show. I believe a more subdued, monotone material would have worked much better from a purely aesthetic view, and that awesome wood would have been better on a non-hamon blade so it could shine on its own.


    From a technical perspective its obviously way beyond my talents and my hat's off to your skills, and as you see above there's plenty who think I'm all wet...so don't put too much stock in what I say.



    Ray, would you mind if I "borrow" your design for a personal knife? Some of our pigs are up around 400 and that is the size knife I need for "finish work".


    Mine won't I assure you, be anything remotely as nice, and I'd get you to make me one, but can't afford that so if possible, I'd like to use your design.

  9. I think the trick is to find a "built" bow that fits you, or comes close, then emulate that. The Zipper is unique in my mind in that Bob built them out of curley maple/shedua composites...that gave a very stiff riser, but a lighter riser also. You wouldnt believe what 6 oz less weight does for you at the end of a long day elk hunting.


    Plus he fits the riser to your actual hand...and his limbs are quick, but more important, quiet and deliver a heavy arrow with authority if you are hunting larger game like hogs, moose, and elk.


    I'd be happy to work with you if you ever want to try doing one again.


    Wind- I think you will find most hunters feel a twinge at the end of a successful hunt. The difference between hunters and animal lovers is only that hunters love animals but as a family, and animal lovers tend to think of them as individuals, like a pet perhaps.


    Best regards,


  10. Buddy,


    Thanks for the nice comments on the knives. I am a neophyte stock removal guy for the time being...so coming from a true MAKER such as yourself that is very encouraging.


    The bow in the first picture is made by the hunter himself. The balance are custom made by various makers- mine is a Zipper made for me in 1989 by Bob Thompson of West Virginia...the others are by various makers. If there is one in particular you are interested in I can give you th details.


    If you are asking because you would like to make a bow, or get a bow, I can help you with that. I'm in the process of building one now with a high school student as his senior project and have built many self and glass-backed bows over the years...also had a custom wood arrow business for most of the 80's-90's as well.


    Thanks Ray

  11. you can get commercial degreasers from cleaning supply companies...I know most tanneries/taxidermy wholesale type places have vats they immerse bones like bear and pig skulls in to remove grease for thirty days or so after the beetles..when the beetles clean it up it looks like its discolored instead of that nice pretty yellow color of most skulls etc.

  12. The black bear I've had has been fall "berry" bears...MT, ME, SASK, and the like. I see what you mean..it was sweet, because they were eating berries. I would think spring bears would not taste good as they are coming out of hibernations and their flesh should be full of toxins until they get going really hard on the grass and stuff.


    I've had farm raised salmon that tasted just like dry dog food smells...I guess its the pelletized food they give them. Now that I think about it you're spot on...things taste like what they eat..so it all depends.

  13. Bryan,

    I'll take your advice..Thanks.


    How do you find Grizzly? Any different than black bear? I love fall black bear meat- its nearly as good as the moose I've had..though different of course...very sweet if cooked in a slow cooker with wine and root vegetables its just fantastic.


    I envy you fellas your lives in AK: I know it can be tough at times...but were I given the chance to do things differently I would choose a life in the Last Frontier, that's for certain.


    Best of luck to you.

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