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  1. I would normally accept that explanation, Bryan..but I have read Hyllyn's prior posts here and understood him to say he had spent a great deal of time in Great Britian...so I think he is more connected than one would assume a typical Venezuelan might be.


    I suppose I am to blame. I only spend time on two forums, one is a bowhunting forum and this one...and I just did not think about the possibility of creating a stir with hunting photos- my bad.


    Won't make that error in future. If the mods want to kill this thread I have no difficulty with that.

  2. The leather- The plain one is a gent in Arkansas named Rowe...from Hope Arkansas. The one that is decorated is Treestump from Maine. Both great folks to deal with. The only thing I don't like as much as I LOVE making knives is leatherwork!


    HYLLYN, I don't know about NOW, but at the time the cat was taken it was LEGAL to take it...a photo is forever...I didn't state when it was taken.... and you did not insinuate, you STATED that the jaguar was NOT an animal suitable for trophy hunting. I don't agree.


    You then went on after that to ask if I ate anything I killed, and that, taken in context, INSINUATED I might be trophy-killing the other animals. Words, alone and formed together into sentences carry a meaning and yours spoke volumes in those couple of short sentences.


    To be sure, one never knows whether the questioner, or the responder, has his facts straight. Add to that the understanding that OTHERS, not involved in the discussion, read, contemplate, and form opinions based on what they read and its easy to understand WHY and also the manner in which I responded.


    Hunting, whether for trophy or for food is under attack- its already been dealt a mortal blow/ killed in many parts of the Old World- and European media is decidedly anti-hunting.


    I understand where you are coming from, and I believe you understand my thinking as well. I am also quite satisfied.

  3. I eat everything I kill, just as you eat everything you kill- by proxy(grocery shopping). Even vegetarians kill lots of animals through the farming required to grow their greens. I've eaten everything from mountain lion to armadillo, elk to moose, caribou to beaver.


    What is your concern regarding the jaguar? It was taken legally. Is it your belief it should not be hunted? It's protected where it's not doing well, it's hunted where it is...pretty simple really. Elephants are doing poorly everywhere they are not hunted because they raid the crops of subsistence farmers and so are a liability that must be destroyed. Stopping hunting where animals are thriving because they are not doing well somewhere else defies logic. My friend ate the jaguar, by the way.


    Unfortunately, there are a great many people whose only connection to wildlife is their relationship with pets- they believe if we only stopped hunting animals they would all do so much better...when in reality the biggest threat to animals is development. Land clearing in the last 200 years has destroyed more wildlife than all the hunting man has done in his entire existence.


    I am a life member of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation- as State Vice Chairman for several years we helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to reintroduce elk to the states of Michigan, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania, and to purchase critical transition areas used by elk to migrate from high summer grazing areas to their winter habitat because its the kind of place people buy up to build houses or create skiing areas- often used by vegetarians from California and New York.


    I feel I've given back enough in my lifetime through excise taxes and my sweat and blood working for the National Wild Turkey Federation, Ovis, Rocky Mtn Elk Foundation, and the Professional Bowhunters Society to more than make up for the few animals I have been fortunate enough to take with my traditional archery equipment.


    Then there is the agenda of the media. They are telling us right now polar bears are dying off..when in fact that is simply not true. I have many friends in Alaska and the Nunavit area of Canada. They tell me the stories we are being fed are simply not accurate.


    The media is not free-it's shackled by its self imposed socialist ideals and the political correctness that has so pervaded the US. You simply cannot believe everything you hear because instead of reporting the news, the media is SHAPING the news to fit its agenda.

  4. Jeremy,


    He walked up on her on a very cold morning, layed up in a cane 'nest'. A shot far back, while she was laying down, angling forward toward the opposite shoulder put her down quick. It was the only available shot that would get the job done.


    Bowhunting pigs, you take every good shot op you get...they don't typically last and are infrequent on sows especially, as they travel in groups and so lots of eyes protect the mob well!


    Broadside, the right shot is the one on the big black hog where the fella is wearing the "salad" hat. See the shot, low and right above the elbow on the front leg? That's perfect lung/top of heart on both sows and boars when they are broadside.


    With a bow of course, you aim where you want the arrow to exit, not where you want the entrance hole.

  5. Many years ago this man and I met at a hunting camp along the Flint River in Georgia. He shot a Black Widow recurve, and made custom knives. He produced high quality fixed blade knives. From what I remember, he named his knife models after the rivers of the state of Georgia.


    I think he was from the Albany, GA area, and was a caretaker/machinist for a closed down Budweiser facility somewhere in S. GA ...not sure if that is right or not but at any rate, that knife was tremendously important and special to me. It's been lost, and I want to try to find him to get another - I've found only one knife that has ever been resold, and cannot locate him anywhere.


    Does anyone know if he is still active? I would think he would be around 60 years old today.

  6. Thanks everyone! I really appreciate the link Chuck.


    I've some experience in a dall sheep horn backed bow. The way to cut your horn is to drill holes perpendicular to the bark area of the horn on both sides, then cut it out using the center of the opposing row of holes to be sure you get your piece cut evenly for the backing.

  7. Nice looking knife. Love the material combination and the black acraglass to fill the antler.


    I would only say the ricasso might need to be slightly longer for ease of sharpening?

  8. I know that Native Americans boiled bighorn sheep horn in order to bind it to a wooden core when they built a bow using the material - its almost like fiberglass.


    Wouldn't that work to create a flat piece to use as scales for knives as well? Just boil, place between two pieces of metal and clamp in your vise until dry?


    Inquiring minds want to know!

  9. If it bothers you to look at it, what about drilling a slightly larger hole to center the thing back up, and put the little bit larger pin in..or put another pin in and peen it off center a little to visually line things up?

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