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  1. by that you mean use the light schedule PVC for running to the equipment and then short pieces of flexible to the grinder or sander or band saw and such, rather than going with flexible all the way? Guess that makes sense..and would make it more efficient too.



  2. Fellas,

    I'm a lot less handy with tools, and more comfortable with the artsy side of this obsession.


    I purchased a Rand 1 1/2 HP dust collection system with a 4 inch hose setup, and a trash can separator attachment.


    I was thinking about trying to find some adapters and necking down the 4 inch hose to a smaller size, say like on the shop vac I have, to increase suction power?


    Will that work? Where would YOU go to try to purchase about 25 feet of that 1 1/4 inch hose and the adapters I will need to make it compatible with the 4 inch setup?


    My shop space is ample...I have a 28 foot long room approx. 22 feet wide, and I set up overhead flourescents along one 28 foot wall..so my plan was to build a single long bench for that one wall, to put grinder, vises, fordham, disc sander.


    Then I have a 10 foot long metal worktable with raised lip on 3 sides and storage shelf under to put in center of room with more vises that I can use for a finishing and fine work station.


    Ive only seen one shop setup, and it was pretty cramped so probably not a good model to work toward. Within a year or two I am building a substantial building behind the house to match my home where I will have my forge and press or air hammer but till that happens I need to work more sensibly where I am - any help/advice would sincerely be welcomed.

  3. Dee,


    Nice looking knife. I like the contrast of the blade finishes.


    There isn't anything I could add to Walter Sorrel's eloquent words of condolence and comfort beyond the obvious, "Dee, I'm sorry for the loss of your Mother -I know you will come to terms with it, and love and cherish your Dad all the more while he is with you still."


    Blessings of the Christmas season to you.

  4. I'm afraid I've got to go against the concensus here. I hunt hogs 12 months a year with a stickbow. A good size hog (boar or sow) has a plate of gristly callous-like fatty tissue that extends from the ribs all the way to the front of the shoulders.


    Think of a layer of bacon two, sometimes as much as 3 inches thick, that you can bounce a hammer off of. When you skin them, you have to make lateral slices every 3 or 4 inches to get it peeled down around them when you are skinning them.


    If that is 2 or 3 inches thick, then a 6 or 7 inch knife will only get you to one lung. I want a 10 inch blade, a full guard, maybe a subhilt so you can pull it back out to strike a second time, and a thong hole so you can make sure you keep hold of that sucker while that joker is jostling and thrashing that head around.


    A true wild hog is nothing to play with, especially wounded. First choice, put another arrow in it. Second choice, a good stout 10 inch blade as described, jammed all the way in!

  5. I noted with interest the latest Blade issue discussing the merits of D E Henry being voted into the Hall of Fame.


    I am new to this game, so I bow to the expertise of those who've been around a lot longer than I have..but this fellow sure knew how to build a knife in the style he liked. His clean lines and careful attention to detail are to be admired, at least from my newbie perspective. His other attributes or character flaws or whatever- are another matter and again, I wasn't around at that time.


    He wasn't taking steroids, or robbing people, or stealing pension fund money or putting people out of work..and from what I read in the article he certainly was a "future shaper" of his day.Time has a way of clarifying some things, and clouding others. I suspect like most things in life your perspective on him will be clouded by personal experience as much as anything.

  6. I want to place some glass on my platen, but locally I can only find one dealer and they want 75 bucks for a 2x5 piece. Seems a little pricey to me.


    I've seen discussions about NOT putting regular safety glass on there, then others saying they have done it for years with no trouble, and others calling for pyro ceram glass.


    Whats the skinny? What do you do on your grinder?

  7. Calvin,


    Having lived in the low country for many years prior to moving to the mountains, I'm interested in your "mullet master" from the point of view of "you EAT mullet"?


    I used to catch them in my cast nets when shrimping south of Savannah and tried every which way to fix them and nothing made them taste good.


    What's your recipe? Nice handle by the way...black dye really dresses up that dilla skin.


    Do you prepare the hide yourself, by tacking it out and letting it dry, or with tanning methods? Did you dye that with analine dye, or alcohol or what?

  8. That's for certain, a page turner. Those are english silver hallmarks stamped into the piece. You can actually look them up and tell the maker, the year it was made, and the silver content.

  9. Ray,

    Very nice knife. Who's steel is it and whats it made of? And yes, please do post the name of the book when you get it back. I'm sure we would all like a forge that would run for ever on a 40 # tank of propane.


    Tony G


    Tony, the name of the book is "Building an Atmospheric Forge Heat Treat Oven" I hope a link to another site is allowed here... I can point you to it. Maybe you guys already know about this book and have dismissed it but I did a search and found no discussion on it anywhere.




    Let me know your thoughts.


    The blade is made from 1084 and 15N20. I put in diluted ferric chloride for 35 seconds..probably should have done it longer.

  10. Built this one and really like working with this handle material...shapes nicely, varying density seems to be the reason the dye didn't take uniformly and that made the handle have lots of character.


    The mosaic pins really set it off nicely too. Black fiber spacers and a little bit of filework forward of the handle finished it off.



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