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  1. just as soon as i get my forge built...or more correctly, as soon as my master welder buddy gets it done for me! He can just about build a bridge out of scrap cars he's so talented. I found a book on it on ebay, written by two college guys who wanted to build a forge that would run forever on a 40 gallon propane tank, would get to 2500 degrees quickly, and be easily transportable. Everyone who's looked at the plans say it looks like it would do the trick. We're gonna find out. My buddy has the book or I'd tell you what the name of it is.
  2. NOT forged- stock removal. 1/8 inch mosaic pin, 416 stainless guard. I like these better than slab handles. A little more difficult, but just a blast to make. Got help from a JS named Brad Singley..great guy..really got me around the learning curve pretty quick. Thanks for looking. Any comments and critique welcome. I know its got some flaws.
  3. beautiful, Karl. Hope you get a big ol good un, or a good ole big un.
  4. I thought for sure one of them had to be for GUY MOST LIKELY TO BURN HIS FEET WHILE FORGING- SANDALS DIVISION At any rate, well deserved awards...and the onion, well, its a nice one! We put vidalia onions in a convection oven with worcestershire and butter stuffed down in the core. I've heard those WW's are about as sweet. Good eating to you, Raymond.
  5. I'm with Jake. A threaded take down would make that thing PERFEKT! I really like it. All the bells and whistles but nothing extra...great looking design,sir.
  6. that is absolutely gorgeous! And since its stainless you wont have that problem of people reacting to the metal...very nice. Where can we order one?
  7. wow! That's very nice, Brian. I aspire to get "there" some day in the not too distant future.
  8. Hey, I'm already there. Thats about 30 I've done since March.....and I am learning something on each one. I am in the middle of my first hidden tang- another step in the evolution I guess. At any rate, I don't WANNA be cured!
  9. thank you very much! I cannot wait to begin forging some of my own carbon blades.
  10. both have ironwood scales...and damascus pins. 3 5/8 inch blades 8 1/8 inches overall. I started building knives I think in March...as soon as my forge is built it will be on to the next level. Criticism welcomed.
  11. just google Walt and a site will come up with the other "stuff" he creates, Willie.
  12. Walter, While admitting I don't know beans about these types of blades I can certainly appreciate quality work. I've seen many pieces on here by some true artists, but the hamon on this blade is unwordly, as others have stated much more eloquently already. Atlanta, and the state of Georgia really do have some amazing residents! My daughters have read your novels..and like them very much!
  13. I'm speechless...and I'm not certain why. someone told us we needed to respond to your posts more, but I'm at a loss since I am not sure whether you made the knife/microphone or are merely commenting on him using one.
  14. Stephan, What's Bowies? Is that a hammer in or a show around Georgia? Is it open, or invite only?
  15. man if you forge in sandals YOU ARE DEFINITELY MY HERO!!!!!!!!! I'd like to see that dance, as long as it doesn't cost you a toenail. Got a video camera? You could put it on UTUBE!
  16. now THERE'S a catchy name, Aaron!!!!!!!!! Ha!!!! I like it.
  17. very very nice. I like that damascus pattern very much, also.
  18. I'd call it "snowflake" myself. Very neat pattern.
  19. really nice shape to that one. One dumb question- I probably should know this but "why" the dark pin in the center of the handle with a steel pin in the front? Or is that a camera "trick"??
  20. very nice....very nice. That is one beautiful piece of wood as well.
  21. I have done internet searching and apparently I'm not bright enough to word it correctly or its not for sale on the net? I wonder if anyone has contact information for purchasing this material?
  22. that dagger reminds me of an alligator's belly skin! Beautiful
  23. Ray Hammond

    W1 & Walnut

    I really like the clean elegant lines of all your knives- fixed and folders. If you are in Commerce you and I are nearly neighbors, too!
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