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  1. after seeing several of your knives I believe I could walk around a knife show and pick YOURS out on every table. To me that's the sign of someone who has found HIS style- your approach is identifiable...in other words, you put your signature on each one, without signing anything. That's meant to be a compliment! I like every one I've seen very much.
  2. Beautiful lines in that piece!!! Very special. I really like the piece of ziricote you used as well.
  3. I'm an archer, and I am sure the recipient will be very pleased with the look, and most important the functionality of this knife. Very nice indeed! If it were mine, a different sheath more in keeping with the blade as others have said...but its another fine knife for sure.
  4. a very classy looking folder.
  5. Buddy, You are in Commerce? Wow. Close by a lot..being in Woodstock. Do you have a formal shop folks can visit? You are obviously very talented. Thats a great looking folder.
  6. very nice...clean..crisp...very sweet.
  7. Thats where I was going with it...something like " you can talk a good game, but I let my steel do the talking"
  8. this really interests me, Bubba San. I have been an avid amateur archaeologist for most of my life...collecting and cataloging surface laying points in village sites, etc all over the Southeastern US. In SC, where I hunt quite a bit, there is a chert quarry..the only known deposit for said material and according to the Un.of SC folks, natives traveled from great distances to the property I hunt on, camped out, mined the chert, heated in in fires, and then broke it into blanks to be carried home and worked later. We also know they spent a good deal of time there, camping, hunting, and c
  9. Nice website, Ray. Great name as well! Everyone I know named Ray is a great guy.
  10. so your knife would be more like what we might call a machete? I love the engraving work, I believe is what you use in marking the blade? I cannot tell because the photos are not as close up as I would like to see. The onca-jaguar- tigre, whichever you wish to call it, is my favorite of the big cats. It has extremely powerful jaws, and in the Matto Grosso of Brasil its favorite prey is the cayman, or South American alligator, which the jaguar swims to and catches by the head, crushing the skull with its powerful jaws to kill then eat!
  11. Wow! That is just great.....design, execution...wish we could see more pics of it.
  12. Looks a lot like a ring for a group of people who like fire ...like maybe a fraternity ring for forgers! Great idea.
  13. I'm not much for the 'tactical' look personally, but the aesthetics, fit, finish, and color scheme are compelling. Your work is very, very nice.
  14. really wonderful work. It was deserving for sure. Best regards, Ray
  15. I think I saw one of those on Jeremiah Johnson's belt, didn't I????????????? That's very nice indeed.
  16. That is a really neat folder, Murat. I love the photography work as well...clean, simple, very much like your knives. Flawless. I saw some wonderful little pieces of damascus at the Blade Show this past weekend here in Atlanta...and purchased two. You've inspired me to use them in a folder knife kit I purchased, to get my feet wet in making one. Beautiful.
  17. Again, it's not comparable to the things I see here...but I enjoy making them and the people who get them seem to appreciate them. So, its a stock removal damascus 3 1/2 inch blade, 7 3/4 inch overall length...black liners, some slight filework on the blade forward of the scales, and mosaic pins. Fire away!
  18. very nice, Bob!!! I like the cross as well....
  19. No. Stock removal. Still have to get a forge made, tackle that, then on to an air hammer and making mascus!
  20. I just began stock removal knifemaking. I have a little bit of artistic talent, but almost no practical experience with machinery. Frankly, I can barely pound a nail, so this has been a real adventure. But the boy is now officially hooked. So hooked, I'm changing jobs so I can earn more, build an outbuilding, and get a forge going. At any rate, this is a 3 1/2 inch blade, 7 3/4 inch OAL ladder damascus utility/skinner, brass liners, and ironwood scales with mosaic pins I made myself. I am having a harder time getting good photos than finishing knives, frankly. It has a tapered t
  21. Its North of La Tuque? I am from Woodstock, GA northwest of Atlanta toward the Blue Ridge Mountains
  22. you are all welcome, for sure. Hopefully I will at some point have a decent enough knife to put up here sometime within the year. Right now they aren't that great, I'm afraid, and its all stock removal for me at this point. I really like this site. Learning a lot.
  23. Thanks, Tony. The bow is a Zipper recurve I have been shooting since 1989. Bob built quite a bow.
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