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  1. wolf tracks in a dry lake sunset near James Bay sunrise, quebec the bear's den, Quebec native brookie stream Quebec
  2. Those ARE elk antlers..from two different bulls, obviously. Red deer have a 'crown' at the top, rather than a beam with points coming forward off the beam, like an elk does. elk red stag/deer
  3. you cut and polish stones on a wet wheel. If you are doing cabochons (the smooth oval or round domes of semi precious gems) its actually easier than you think...but you need a slow enough wet wheel and the right abrasives to do it on. You attach them to a round stick using a gum adhesive, sort of like a tootsie pop to grind them. Just find a lapidary shop in the computer, close to you, and they can help you or probably even let you do them on THEIR equipment. Neat design.
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