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  1. Fantastic! What a team.
  2. Please go here for the finished piece: Nyoi / Ruyi Scepter
  3. For many years I have wanted to make a sculpture based on the Nyoi scepter as found in Chinese and Japanese art(Chinese is Ruyi). For years I thought a lot about form and the details. Finally I decided to make the form based on a piece of driftwood I found in one of the streams I go to often. The theme of the scepter is the legend of Kikujido (more to follow). This carved nyoi has both an ura and omote side connected by a passage through the wood. The passage is symbolic of the connection between the earth-plane and the spiritual plane. In the Kikujido legend blessings are sent down-stream on Chrysanthemum petals. I have expanded this to include leaves. On the ura side, carved simply to represent flowing water, is a pristine Chrysanthemum leaf presumably set in motion down-stream by Kikujido. On the omote side, carved in more tangible landscape detail, are a newt, pristine Chrysanthemum petals and a decayed leaf. The newt represents the ten-thousand created beings of the earth-plane. The pristine petals represent the blessings abiding in the earth-plane and the decayed leaf represents the ultimate dissolution of all earthly objects.
  4. Thanks very much Austin. I understand my talent to be a gift. While I know envy, and certainly appreciate being able to do what I do, there are things that I value much higher; such as the pursuit of honesty and earning the trust of children.
  5. Thanks very much Jonas. Much appreciated. I've been working at depicting water for a long time. I think you need to love being stream-side, and also study work of those successful in the past. You can feel it in your gut when it's right. Sorry, probably not that helpful. I take the wood to 2,000 grit(American Standard). I then lightly buff with a very forgiving goblet type buff with compound designed for buffing lacquer which is also very mild in action. Most of the woods I use come to a very nice polish this way with no oil or other finish.
  6. Ok, so now I have to write about what this is:
  7. Thanks very much Wes and Jesus. I've gone through a few sticks of incense on this one...
  8. And from the other side:
  9. Finally making more progress on this. All details to follow:
  10. Almost done with the Eft except for a little pedicure and patina. Lots to do on the wood yet...
  11. Thanks guys for the orders. It seems that Presto doesn't let me know who is buying. If you let me know (by PM) that you bought one that would be great. If you want to stay anonymous that's ok too.
  12. I’ve finally got around to being able to offer this book for sale through Presto. A compilation of the best of my work over the last 12 years and some earlier. 8.5" x 11" - 54 pages. Hardcover with dust-jacket and slipcase. 44 pieces: 12 sculptures & trays, 13 pieces of jewelry, 8 boxes, 5 knives, 1 netsuke, 2 tea-scoops, 2 tsuba, 1 vase Several nature photos and work-in-progress photos. With a short biography. Photos captioned with materials, dimensions and other comments. This link to my website has some photos of actual pages: Thanks for looking. KELSO BOOK And this link takes you to the page where you can buy it at Presto: BOOK AT PRESTO
  13. Thanks Jul. They are one of my favorites. Generally they are so unperturbed by human presence that you can pick them up without bother and sometimes even stroke their little heads!
  14. Cheers Caleb
  15. You can see a little time-lapse flick here: Kelso/YouTube