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  1. Hey guys thanks so much for the input. I agree whole heartedly with you as far as noting that Brooks' design does not come from a smithing background or even a guy who has probably handled many weapons in a testing arena. That being said I did manage to come up with a prototype of the design. I am no bladesmith by any means so I used a dremmel and some aluminum to shape the head and used already made parts with some minor mod with hand tools and a drill to put it together. Now this is nothing but a wall hanger but I just wanted to know if the design i posted could be modified to be produced with the basic design there but leaned more towards the functional design of the CS shovel (I have one btw). I thought the head could be forged or pressed...not sure of that process and welded to a 3/4 or 1" pipe like on the one i made. Would it be stout enough to use as an axe? I wanna sharpen this one...not to razor of course...but just for appearance...what's the best way to sharpen aluminum? Thanks so much guys and let me know what you think. with my CS shovel:
  2. Geoff: Thanks for the input bro. I think the majority of people working on this design are adults (some do play with swords, axes, shovels etc. lol) so I don't think anyone will get maimed. I think the main idea that we are grasping for is from the details in the book can we put something together that would actually work in the real world...not to lobotomize zombies but something that would function as both an axe and a shovel while staying true to the design described in the book. What we are looking for from people on this forum is given the idea, what would be a realistic build of this piece. I definately think that the less is more idea is appropriate especially in this design. I can break down what the book says: It's aesthetic appearance is described as "a fusion of double bladed battle axe and shovel attached to a long solid steel handle." Was used for digging when necessary but primarily as a last resort hand to hand weapon. It was mass produced with limited resources (recycled auto metal) and was designed by a small group of marines. Now this book is not written from a classic fantasy POV as in "this weapon was forged in the belly of an ancient dragon." It's written to be realistic so trying to think from a military POV it would be a simple effective design but has a distinct look to it. Any input you guys can give us would be much appreciated. Ideas to simplify the design...additions or subtraction, etc. Thanks so much.
  3. Hey there guys, my name's Scott and I am hoping I can get some really good input from some of you guys and gals out there that are bladesmiths and blade designers on a design idea a group of us are working on. For anyone who is not familiar with World War Z it's basic synopsis is it is a compilation of personal experiences from the mouths of people who have survived a world wide Zombie outbreak (in apocalyptic proportions). It is an excellent piece of literature full of social commentary and satire and is well worth reading even if you are not a "zombie fan". The blade in question is called "Standard Infantry Entrenchment Tool" but was more often referred to as "The Lobotomizer" or more frequently just "The Lobo". There is no picture of this weapon/tool but from description and reading into context within the book we are attempting to create a true to life design. The basic requirements are that it was designed by Marines (in the field the first basic one was handcrafted by them more than likely), it is said that it was massed produced by using only the recycled steel from cars that were no longer needed (as no one was allowed to own a car anymore they were ALL recycled), it is described most in detail as "a fusion of double bladed battle axe and a shovel with a straight steel rod as a handle." There are no deeper descriptions but we do know it was designed as a weapon first and foremost (used to most likely chop and thrust to destroy the brain of the zombie), and a functional entrenching tool second. I will post two of our most popular designs so far and would love to hear input from this community. I would like to hear if they look practical. Look like they could be easily made. And if you think the right functionality is there. If anyone is interested further I am looking to have one actually made once we have a final design so if anyone thinks they might be up to this challenge please let us know. Here is the link to our forum post so you can get more details and see some more designs. I want to say thanks in advance to you guys for your help. http://zombiehunters.org/forum/viewtopic.p...010&start=0 Uploaded is the general design we will settle on once we know if it would be possible to build. Can you tell me what works and what doesn't from a smith's or designers POV? Remember that it functions as a weapon first but also has to function as a shovel to some extent. We plan on lengthening the handle so that overall it's around 32 to 36 inches. I was also wondering about counter balance...I know it should have some weight on the pommel end but i dont' know how much. Also would anyone know what kind of process it would take to make something like this? Thanks and I hope you guys can help! Scott
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