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  1. No, but thats exactly the kind of idea I am looking for. Might take that and see what I can do with it. Thanks
  2. Wow, the things you can learn in here are amazing. Excellent post
  3. Wow, build a boat. Don't load on the anvil Prayers with you and yours
  4. http://gbrannon.bizhat.com/old.htm Just found this today, pull up a chair
  5. http://www.allmetalsinc.com This is good source for steel and other metals for making tools and equipment http://www.sunray-inc.com/ Contact Wheels and rollers http://www.alphaknifesupply.com/default.htm All kinds of knife makin stuff http://stores.daltonhydraulic.com/StoreFront.bok Hydraulics http://www.midwestknifemakers.com/ More Knife makin parts
  6. Here are a couple I have found http://www.geocities.com/alchemyst/glossry.htm?200823 http://www.geocities.com/alchemyst/glossary.htm?200823
  7. Have you thought about Gas Power? For a portable unit it might be the answer
  8. Northern Tool has several http://www.northerntool.com/webapp/wcs/sto...16365_200316365
  9. The pinch bolt is a 3/8" grade 8 and ic on the centerline 1/2" from the end of the bar. The large hole for the contact wheel shaft is 1/2" on the other centerline 1 inch from the end. For the tool rest cutting wasn't looking like a lot of fun, so I used 2 pieces of 1/4" x 1/2" bar stock and welded a small piece of steel on the ends, then cleaned the inside slot up with a few passes of the file. It is attached to the bottom of the tool arm with 2 3/8" bolts and slides in and out well. The tool rest itself it bolted onto the slide with 4 bolts from the bottom and ground off flat on top. Can't say I am thrilled with the tool rest so I'll probably redesign it for something better. Eventually with some arrangement for jiggs for holding blades on precice repeatable positions.
  10. Drill the big hole, then the small one and then cut the slot. The slot would make the drill bit jump around to much
  11. OK, here is a pic of the Pinch Bolt and a couple others of my grinder The pinch bolt makes it very fast and easy to swap tools, 1/4 turn and its off
  12. Ahh, ok now I understand the square hole thing. I used 1/4 x 20countersunk screws for the upwright and ground the heads flush. I don't know what Bader uses, never looked at their unit that close, I saw it on that russian guys video and adapted it for mine. I ordered my contactwheel from Sunray, but its just a 1/2" shaft. I made the axle for it from 1/2" round stock cut to length and threaded it myself. I got the drive wheel and idler pulley from Beaumont and made the axle for the pivot from all thread. I'll post a couple pics tomorrow
  13. I used all SS hardware on mine all in Allen socket screws mostly just because I could. Not quite done yet, some cleanup and paint to do yet The basic grinder is the same as you have there but all in steel. I used a different tracking mechanism that is adjustable in 2 planes and I also used a Pinch Bolt on the end of the tool arm to facilitate tool changes, one quarter turn on the bolt and the contact wheel comes off. The idea being that I'll have (eventually) more tham one contact wheel, a platten with 2 different wheels, a small wheel tool, disk etc... all that will be very quick changeup. All I have now is an 8" wheel, but that woll get me started. What color should I paint this thing? After this much work rust red just isn't going to do it. What do you need a square hole for?
  14. The pictures are indeed worth several thousand words. I just finished my grinder today and would post pics but something is wrong with my photobucket account, and my feet hurt. Tomorrow I'll clean up the bench and put away all the tools I have scattered all over the benck so it will look like I keep a clean workspace and then take some pics. Mine is a hybrid of the grinder in the pics above, KMG clone and some mutt items from other grinders. I think it will work out well tho. I used a variable speed controller and the step pulleys so I have a lot of speed/Torq flexibility. Next item is the platten, Got some knife steel on the way too, WooHoo!
  15. Excellent How To, please keep going, this is the stuff I wans to learn.
  16. I would go with Ebay. I know some folks have had bad experiences, but all mine were good or got made good in short order.
  17. The one I broke off was the front support, one of the bottom holes thst holds the tool arm support to the base plate. I moved over about 3/8" and redrilled, no problem
  18. A Beautiful piece of work, nice wall hanger. Just don't try to use it, stick a pig and it will smap off at the hilt.
  19. I broke a tap off in the bottom end of one of the supports, I ended up moving over and redrilling. In the past I have used a high speed burr to drill thru the broken off end of the tap and go at it that way with a easy out. I still have the die grinder but no burr for it. PITA
  20. What? They think your a Carpenter? LOL, Funny stuff
  21. Very Nice work. I just recently got back into Archery myself after 30 odd years and have yet to make a quiver. Several bows and a few dozen arrows, but no quivers. Yet
  22. Nice work and a good story to go with it. Sorry to hear about your Mom
  23. I see your in the Phillipines and that might be a problem, as far as availibility. But, for small stuff like that I would just look up a contractor that will do small. Up here I have had a lot of Hot Dip done and seen it done, its pretty involved and as stated above its not very healthy. Have you thought about Powdercoating?
  24. Ask her is she exer heard of Rattlesnakes biting each other?
  25. Happy Birthday Don! Many more to come
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