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  1. Single edge, 6 or 7 inch blade, pointed like a boneing knife with a hidden tang handle ans stainless gurad would be my choice I think. Depending on handle material selection the hidden tang will make it easy to clean, pointy because hog skin is tough stuff and a 6: blade will get you most places in a hog with little trouble.
  2. I have had those marked a long time while I was invinting my grinder, Lots of good ideas there.
  3. Locate an old brake drum to use as your forge, it will live a Long time. Make some kind of a Rebar stand for it to save your back instead of working on the ground.
  4. I knew there was a reason I hang out in here, Smart Guys
  5. I don't read very many mags for exactly that reason, and i am with you, if I feel the need for a weapon it will be a handgun. Wetwork, up close and personal with a blade requires some intestinal fortitude that Joe Armchair does not posess, but only wishes he did. thats why he sits in his chair reading the rags and fantasizing about fighting knives. I like all kinds of blades purely for their design and beauty, I think of them as tools, not weapons. I made several many years ago and am putting together the tools to make some again. But its for the love of the art, not for a weapon, you can get a gun for a lot less that what the time costs to produce a decent knife. I never wore one as a sock decoration, or in conjnction with wearin a dress but its something to concider.
  6. I almost got booted from the 9th grade for making Home Brew. All glass from the chemistry supplies, each step along the way nice labled with 3x5 index cards describing the breakdown of starch to sugarm, sugar to alchol etc. All with the proper chemical and biological names for the appropriate bacteria etc..It was all completely sealed and no smell or excresences at all. Final exam in Chemistry, I got a B. Principal was pizzed but Mr Zuber was good with it, no idea where all the product went. Teacher was all smiles on the subject.
  7. Wow, cool looking billet, So your going to make a Bowl? That should be very pretty. How would you form it?
  8. Rashid did a great job on that grinder. I am in the process of locating all the parts for my grinder and will be useing some of his ideas. The only clunky part was his tool rest and I plan to use the Pinch Bolt concept there to eliminate the problem he mentioned in the video. He also has some other good videos for a heat treat oven and other stuff.
  9. Wow, thats very cool. The work some of you guys do is amazing. I am still looking for an anvil
  10. I do that all the time, especially when I start doing something new. When I started making stained glass I kept a notepad next to the bed. Would wake up at 3 am and sketch 2 or 3 designs. Wife hated it LOL
  11. Thanks Guys, I'll checkout the Blacksithing.org and see who I can find. Wade, thanks for the offer, we will get together soon. Thanks Danny
  12. Looking for some connections in SE florida. I live in Boca Raton and am looking for someone that knows more about this than I do to help me get started. I have a list of projects to do like a Forge, Press, aquire an Anvil, build a heat treating oven. Then maybe even build some blades. I have a LOT to learn thanks guys
  13. Thought about doing a Video on your Fast Grinding Tecnique to post on here?
  14. Beautiful blade. Did you just forge in 1 layer of Nickel in the process? or is that one big one just thicker tham the others?
  15. OK, so I am trying to get this thing straight in my head. Uou do the first forge weld and cut it and stack the pices edge to edge right? Do this 4 times or so, this is done with the handle still welded on the end of the billet. The handle is then moved to the Bottom? of the billet and it is cut along the edges in the first pic? Great info, this has really got me thinking. thanks for the help
  16. Finish this thing yet? Got me wanting to go out and build a forge
  17. Man, when I screw up it usually requires stitches and sometimes a firetruck. Very nice knife!
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