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  1. There seems to be some info over here: http://iron.wlu.edu/EarlyIron.htm
  2. Niko, in case you haven't seen it, here is a link to an article with some info on yumi (in Finnish) http://yosaiki.tripod.com/Yumi.pdf Your bow looks really nice.
  3. Thanks for the info! I'm not quite sure how much the added mass would help, as the solid material would still transfer vibrations. What is needed is material that absorbes energy. Fabreeka has some examples on dampening the vibrations with large hammers: http://www.fabreeka.com/applications/hammers.htm. My original plan was to make 4.5(wide)x6x3(deep) foot base. My hammer is only 110 lb, but I think I will upscale my plan. I'll probably add also some sort of rubber matt underneath the concrete. I'll use EPS frost plates to the sides.
  4. Ric, what did you use for isolation and how well does it actually work? Could you also elaborate on the idea of the pit in the center of the base? I should make a base for my air hammer later this summer and I'm trying to find out how to make it properly.
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