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  1. I purchased one of these burners a while ago for a project that has never gelled, so instead of letting it sit on a shelf doing nothing, I thought I would post it here to see if anyone wanted to either buy it or trade for it. This is the 4 x 8 burner with a mixer. Retail for both is $275. These are new and never used, but I'm asking $175 shipped or a trade. I would be interested in a mess of eips cable or if anyone has an extra 1 phase to 3 phase 3hp vfd like a fm50 I could use for my grinder, or anything generally interesting to a knifemaker. Attached are some pictures of the burner and
  2. I'm in, no warped razors this year! 1 George Ezell 2 Caleb Harris 3 Luke Shearer 4 Tyler Miller 5 Brad Adams 6 Brandon Buford 7 Pieter-Paul Derks 8 James Spurgeon 9 John Ellis 10 Miles Hebbard 11 Raymond Jewell 12 Kevin Hopkins 13 Gary T. 14 Josh A. Weston 15 Mike Desensi 16 Wes Detrick 17 John Cenotto 18 Daniel Johnson 19 John Page 20 Geoff Krassy 21 James Fuller 22 Rudolf Harmse 23 Nate Runals 24 Jason Marcure 25 R. Yates 26 Nate Bocker 27 Tate Roth
  3. I've got an imagination xpress and like it, but support is non existent for it. If I had to do it again, I'd probably get one from uncle al, seams to be compact and great bang for the buck. Great choice.
  4. Beautiful work as always, one day I hope to own one of your blades, when funds allow.
  5. What can I say, life got busy with a lot of change that really limited my time in the forge. I tried to do the Kith, but my razor warped like mad in the quench and I didn't have the time to knock out another. Here is something I'm nearly done with however. This is my first complete bowie (even though it's not quite done yet), I just need to add the guard and figure out what I'm going to do there. It is intended to be a Christmas gift to my father. It's 480 layers of 1080/15n20 and the handle is lignum vitae. The handle is on the larger size, but my dad has big 'ol mitts from 40 years as
  6. The knife I am working on is nearly done, but the razor warped beyond repair in the quench, and I don't have enough time to make another. Unfortunately I have to withdraw since I won't have the companion piece ready in time. Sorry.
  7. I'd be happy if my name would come out of the hat for that knife. :-)
  8. Sorry to hear a out your situation. Been through a couple of bummer years myself so I know where you sit. Best of luck.
  9. I've had a small setback however. To do something a little different, I am making a gentleman's set. A knive based on a Bell Dirk, and a straight razor. I made up a pattern welded billet after I got done forging, I did all my rough grinding. Here's a sneek peek of them as they are, but I noticed the flaw in running across the razor. Its not a bad weld (at least not totally), it's the wrought I used in the stack to add some variety. The knife is made out of the same billet, but didn't have the problem. Maybe I just forged the razor too much and the diffence in how it and the steel moves
  10. I'm all in. 1. SamD - AKA - Sam Duckworth, Sopchoppy, Fla. 2. John Page 3. Mathew Kinmond - Canada, Ontario 4. Kip Kaiser - Williamston, SC 5. Troy Christianson - Faribault, Minnesota 6. Dion Grethen - Rice Lake, WI 7. JJ Simon - Delmar DE. 8. Mark Green NC 9. Bret Cutshall - Saint Helens, Or 10. Geoff Keyes - Duvall Wa 11. Nate Runals- Michigan 12. Jason Mather- La Crosse WI 13. Kyle (rockin a new forge) O'Donnell -grants pass, OR 14. Kevin hopkins- harbinger north carolina 15. Kevin Colwell- Cheshire, CT 16. Jarrett Rhodes - Vilonia, AR 17. George Ezell
  11. I think you are right jake, I've seem this when I quench in parks 50, but never in water.
  12. + 1 on the ocp tongs. My favorites are the v box tongs, can hold square, round, and flat bar all with one pair of tongs. they are the ones I reach for 90% of the time when hand forging.
  13. I heard that Refflinghaus in Germany is still set up to re-weld face plates onto an old wrought iron body, but the cost is as high as buying a new one. The problem is with quenching an anvil with that much mass, they literally need a waterfall to break up the vapor jacket and cool the beast. I heard of a group that re-welded a face on an anvil but it took multiple strikers and I think they used a firetruck to quench. Also heard of people throwing them in a pond, but then having to fish them out, with mixed results. Maybe talk to Chuck Robinson who used to make Sea Robin anvils. He quenche
  14. That thing is elephantine! Beautiful and huge.
  15. That's awesome. You may be hearing from me soon, I have a 3hp 3 phase motor itching to power my KMG.
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