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  1. When I make mine I stack the coins in a C-clamp so when it gets to temp. I just tighten the clamp... I'm not done with my press yet.
  2. A.Young

    new skinner

    Thanks Will: Yeah the large pin was one of those unforeseen design modifications I was actually going to have brass bolsters there instead but, it didn't work out that way Aaron
  3. A.Young

    new skinner

    It feels great, the wood is awesome it's the first time i've used it. Thanks for the compliment Aaron
  4. This one is 1080 with a bleach finish Buckeye burl scales Mosaic pins 8.5 OAL 4.25 blade I'm a noobie so any critique is welcomed. Aaron
  5. I'm so confused there is so much conflicting info out there
  6. I'm a noobie but wouldn't a longer soak time give the same results? Aaron
  7. Nice, I hope my first one comes out even half that good. Aaron
  8. Thanks for the compliment Aaron
  9. This is a set I made for a friend The chopper is 1045 San-Mai with a 1095 core 10" blade 5" handle The utility skinner is 1080 4 3/4" blade 5" handle Both have mesquite handles with nickel/silver pins. Skinner has bleach finnish. Chopper has a light coat of bluing. Any comments Welcome Aaron
  10. Nice... I like it. I need to get me some osage!
  11. The only bad thing would be the dirty looks I would get from carrying my own knife into the steak house and being smug about it. Beautiful knife Chris Aaron
  12. I've used super quench on 1095 and on 1080,15n20 damascus with no problems what so ever.
  13. I agree with jrassett. When smiths talk about water quench it is actually water,salt,and blue dawn dish soap not just plain water. It must be heated any where from 120 to 170 degree's depending on the smith,steel,quenchant ect. Oil is a much more forgiving quench anything from peanut oil to motor oil can be used a lot of pros use parks 50 oil. If you use oil it needs to be heated as well. Aaron A good analogy is to look at what happens to ice cubes when you pour water on them. Even cold water causes them to fracture.
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