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    Hey all thanks for the kind words , things take time but down the road I have a few more things I want to try that use this technique . Great to hear from y’all
  2. My own random mix of 15n20/1084 Hand carved ebony raised and antiqued copper s.s. Pins (hidden) $750 includes sheath
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    https://www.facebook.com/takachforge/videos/1964328463609562/& https://www.facebook.com/takachforge/videos/1970150216360720/
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    Random pattern 1084-15n20 Raised copper sheet Ebony S.S. Pins(hidden)
  5. Similar to working, any other bone I suppose. very hard and dense if you get a good piece
  6. Here is a recent fighter I finished. Its got some really great walrus oosick for the handle. The sheath is made by John Cohea . For this type of sheath he was the only way to go. And he has for a long time been one of my favorite makers,so when he agreed to do the work for me I was thrilled. This sheath is just amazing and sends this whole package over the top. It was a real pleasure working with John. Then the Pics by Coop just took this to another level. he is amazing. thanks to all involved. Andrew
  7. Fellas I got to say I am very grateful for all you generous comments. I apologize for not answering so sooner but for some reason I haven't been getting email notifications of responses. I think it may be due to me getting a new email and web site provider. tho all my emails are supposed to be getting redirected. it could be a glitch between servers...idk tho. I do my work with a hammer, so overtime I take my tool to the computer bad stuff happens....lol!!! Really tho thank you all Andrew
  8. Here's a pretty sweet little fighter i forged from some 1095, most of the details are obvious so i wont bore you with typing them, but i do want to make note this is a reallly great piece of oosick, ive used oosick several times in the past but considering the actual piece of the walrus(biz end of his manhood), it is very solid and well preserved......i had held on to this for a while for the right application, while it isnt anything out of this world, i was very pleased with the results. thanks for looking andrew
  9. ok, here is a super sexy fighter i built. It is from a billet of 1095/15n20 i welded up. It measures 12 1/2'' over all. And has a 7 3/8'' cutting edge. Also as you can see in the photo it has a tapered tang, and black linen micarta scales. It comes with the sheath shown which was hand stitched by Robert Jones, , this sheath heavy duty, its stitched and welted on both sides, and the knife fits just as perfectly. I also will provide a padded zipper case with the knife. price is $359 shipped in the u.s., i will ship out of the country for actual shipping costs. i accept check,money or
  10. I recently finished this....what i call a fighter, it was commissioned by a by a fellow forum member. Some may have already seen my pics that were crappy on other sites, but i just got these in yesterday. I must say my first time dealing with Mr. Cooper was more than delightful. I did a 15 video WIP on this knife and may post them as well, so here she is, thanks for looking.
  11. hey ya'll, just wanted to put up a quick pick of a recent bowie comission i finished . 11'' double ground blade of my own steel, ironwood scales. thanks for looking
  12. Here's another neck/edc knife i finished up. It is as always my own damascus welded up in my shop. This one is a mix of w1,1095,and 15n20. This one feels super good in hand, it is about 3/16'' thick, and all the edges are completely rounded off , really this one just fits very well in hand. It measures 7 3/16'' over all with a 2 3/4'' cutting edge. Also this one does have my makers mark on it. Price with a kydex neck sheath or pocket sheath and 550 neck cord is $220 + shipping leather available but will be a few more dollars. Paypal,money order and check accepted. t
  13. Here's just some random pics of some knives I have done so far this year, thanks for looking
  14. thanks alot guys, Its getting a custom edge cover made for it right now. andrew
  15. here's a few, I am still not totally satisfyed, but they are getting better
  16. this one was named by the new owner. I forged it from some 3/4'' x 1 1/4'' W2 stock I recieved from yours truely the nj baroness.....I mean nj baron I must say, I was directly inspired by the "cloud cutter" I believe done by D Fogg and J Fikes , so it is very similar but still in its own way unique, as my interpretation. Over all it was about 34'' with a 16'' blade. I rounded off the entire spine except for the sharpened top clip, and gave it a full tapered tang. The blade also had a full taper, making it balanced very nicely. It was clayed up and quenched in Parks then rubbed to
  17. not all, there are alot that are even more junky that i dont post.....im just a good photographer, and hide the flaws.....NOT!!!! ha ha
  18. This is one I have been working on Off and on for a while. It is 1095 and 15n20 twist I welded up. After welding I surface ground the bar and started carving the billet to what I have now. There is still alot of polishing, aand all has to be done by hand , so as to not wash out the lines of the piece. I hogged most of the material off with carbide burs, and then used alot of little files and different sanding pads and blocks. Here's what i got so far: Roughed out After I cleaned up and evened out the sides. Starting to sand out the tool marks
  19. Here are 5 that a customer ordered for Christmas gifts, I thought they came out really cool. Even though the pic isnt very clear, the pattern in them was real nice and had great contrast. They are 1095 and 15n20. They all measure between 6 1/4'' - 7 1/4''. The handles are (L to R) , snakewood,ironwood,buckeye burl,camel bone,box elder burl. All the woods are stabilized.
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