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  1. Thanks for all the great info guys. I really appreciate it. And for a novice like me, a ratio is perfect! I can measure and can do math. I knew it would come in handy someday! lol
  2. M., Thanks for the information. I get what you and GEzell are saying. I am just unsure as to why a bowie might have 3/4" ricasso and another bowie might have 1 1/4" ricasso. Is the 1 1/4" so that you can grip up with two fingers? I think if I had to do this I would just look for a smaller knife. I don't find the longer ricasso particularly aesthetically pleasing, so I was wondering if there was some functional reason. So I'm not trying to compare two very different styles of knives here but I was just curious about the difference in the ricasso length... Both these knives are quite beautiful and are obviously well made but is there a functional reason for the obvious difference in ricasso length? http://www.bladesmithsforum.com/index.php?showtopic=11362 and http://www.bladesmithsforum.com/index.php?showtopic=10902
  3. GEzell, Thanks for the answer. I have seen some knives that have an inexplicably lengthy ricasso and was curious if there was a reason, other than aesthetics. I am not sure there is a reason with regard to aesthetics either as some I have seen look rather odd. (at least in my opinion)
  4. I have seen ricasso of varying lengths on several blades. What I am curious about is, other than form, is there a functional purpose to this?
  5. As for the TriAx sharpener, I am not familiar with it so I cannot comment on its effectiveness or durability. But what I will say is that I have had the same problem and I found a solution. I use the Edge Pro. It is more expensive than this TriAx but I will attest that it is extremely effective and I have never regretted buying this device. I have regretted every other sharpening system I have bought. Having the crappiest, dullest blade on my deer lease is what lead to my addiction to the art of bladesmithing. At any rate, here is a link to this tool.... http://www.edgeproinc.com/products.html Or you can just build this nifty tool that Brent Finnigan made that will do all this and more. Here is this link.... http://groups.msn.com/Brentscustomknives/f...amp;PhotoID=134 Although most really talented bladesmiths, of which I am not one, will tell you that no jig or tool will do everything. These tools are great for their intended purpose and can make an inept person into a great sharpener. My 1 1/2 cents down 25% due to market conditions, Allen
  6. The only reason that justifies the price is not the Damascus but rather the fact that the handle is stated as pure platinum. Don't get me wrong, I feel screwed buying a pack of replacement heads for $16 for my gilette sensor excel. But I guess if you are a billionaire you should still be able to feel screwed when buying shaving supplies.
  7. Here is how a real fisherman would tell the exact same story... Yesterday morning I was on the river with my two good friends Larry and Steve. They finally convinced me to teach them how to fish. We had just finished trolling on an up stream pass and just got turned around to start trolling down stream when I told Steve he needed to get a picture of the sunrise. He no more got turned around to get his camera when I saw my pole go down. Normally when a salmon strikes the pole is slammed down pretty violently but this strike looked more like I had caught a sherman tank. The tank turned out to be 200 pound chinook salmon. Both Larry and Steve had visions of catching one of these themselves but as it turned out this and a 36 pounder I caught was the only two on our boat after about 8 hours of fishing. Steve was crying and so I let him take a picture with my smaller salmon. After I saw this picture I felt I needed to share it because I didn't want Steve to try and pass it off for his. I was always told that it isn't a lie if you say it to spare someone's feelings or if it is about fishing!
  8. Mikey Tuetul would be proud of you Sam. Except he would be out in the cold riding in shorts.
  9. I had to sign a release like this for my colonoscopy. Not much of a vacation.
  10. Brent, Beautiful work. I will not show that to my wife because she thinks she is lucky to have me... I would hate to shatter her illusion. Allen
  11. Looks great so far, I can't wait to see it finished. Allen
  12. Allen Mantanona


    I hope that all members of this forum that are in the path of Gustav are safely evacuated and that your smithy's are still there when you get back. God bless, Allen
  13. Awesome! It looks real good with the watch and Zippo. Maybe you can forge a watch band & zippo shell in stainless damascus... that would be a ton of work but cool nonetheless. Allen
  14. Thanks for the tutorial and sharing your beautiful work. Allen
  15. Ariel, Beautiful work. I loved the claw in mirror polish and really loved it etched. I have a question about the process... To what heat did you bring the canister before pressing? Thank you, Allen
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