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  1. Hey everyone, I have a lot of left over scrap pieces or just cut-offs from making pattern weld and I had this idea of taking most of it and do a rough once over with a grinding wheel to get the surface scale out, then stack it up and try welding it together like the Japanese do. Then forge/fold it over 10 times or so and seeing what I get. Has anyone tried this in the past or can offer some insight? Thoughts? Tips? Fried chicken?
  2. Thank you Adlai, I was really looking forward to meeting you next weekend at Troy if you planned on attending like last year but unless I get a deposit for one of two jobs I was bidding on, I don't think there is any way that I can drive the truck down for coal and tools, aka go, period. But still a week to go so you never know. If I do know I am going I'll PM you with a number so we can touch base for at least a little bit.
  3. Fourth one from the Left with the Brown Grip is sold!
  4. Hello everyone. I just completed 8 different seax's and was wondering if anyone had any interest in purchasing them. The group of 6 are going for $175.00 a piece, and the two that are pictured separate are going for $200.00 a piece. The blade is 6150, the tang is wedged in, similar to the traditional method. The handle is Cherry covered with leather, with nickel plates on the top and bottom. The blade and fitting has a lifetime guarantee against all normal wear and tear. If the leather needs regripping in the next 5 years, I will do so once free of charge and will cover shipping one way. If af
  5. Thank you for all the nice words guys, I don't have any close ups of the pommel although it is made the same way as the balster to give you an idea.
  6. Thanks guys! I tried posting it on ebay last week and after an hour of ebay telling my to enter a valid shipping insurance price but not showing me where, and me looking forever I got frustrated and quit. I will give it another try soon though! Thanks for looking again.
  7. Here they are, sorry for getting them later then promised, but they are much much better shots, enjoy! http://a918.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/image...8febb64b75d.jpg http://a126.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/image...782b9a5ed45.jpg
  8. Thank you very much everyone for your kind words and i am glade that you like it! Thursday I will get the pictures taken and hoefully posted asap so that everyone can enjoy them!
  9. Hi Kyle, Yes, 8670M is actually what Admiral was selling as L6 for a while before they realized, ooops! Thank you for the kind words, and I am not worried about shorting myself a little bit as long as i get a reputation out as being honest and fair. The end user is my top concern and I will have to find that fine line between pointing out my flaws and judging my price and what the market will support! Ahhhh, learning is grand!
  10. Hello everyone, here is a little pattern welded saex that I made. The inlay is brazed brass, the blade has 4 twisted rods, one laying face up, and a monosteel, L6 edge. The handle is buffed ebony. http://a652.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/image...f132bcccec3.jpg http://a190.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/image...b49b844000d.jpg http://a708.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/image...10a2e8f59fb.jpg Sorry for the bad pics, I will be around a better camera on Thursday and will post more pictures then.
  11. Hello everyone, here is a pattern welded knife blade that I welded up and mounted in a antler handle with Bronze blaster, and butt cap. The blade is alternating 1095 and 8670M. The pattern is not welded up the "strong" way since all the welds are running horizontally. 4 1/8 inch blade 9 inch overall point of balance is in the handle, about one inch from the balser Due to the blade geometry and the handle curve it feels better and cuts better in the left hand then the right. The Balster opening is not cut super clean as you can see from the pictures. I also have the two pins Bra
  12. Hey guys and girls, here is a drop point knife, hand forged 8670M. The Balster is solid bronze, held into the Ebony handle with two steel pins that have been silver soldered in. 4 11/16 inch blade 9 1/16 overall point of balance is in the handle, about 1/2 inch in from the balster Some notes: The fit is not spot on since this is a learning piece, there is a slight gap where the edge of the blade would meet the balster. Also along the same lines there is a slight flare where the blasters back rests against the blade. Also please keep in mind that this blade will stain/patina
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